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Your charms come together beautifully to tell your unique story.

Brand: Pandora Model: 791790MCZ
Step into a world of enchantment with the Jasmine's Sparkling Slipper Charm. Crafted in elegant sterling silver and ador..
Brand: Pandora Model: 791648
Experience the captivating sea green hue of this exquisite glass charm, inspired by Jasmine's attire in Aladdin. The ste..
Brand: Pandora Model: 796088CZ
Introducing the Pandora ESSENCE BALANCE Spacer Charm, a sterling silver masterpiece adorned with a captivating and even ..
Brand: Pandora Model: 796073CZ
Experience the elegance of our ESSENCE OF COMPASSION sterling silver charm. This beautiful piece showcases decorative ci..
Pandora FREEDOM, Transparent Cerise Enamel Pandora FREEDOM, Transparent Cerise Enamel
Brand: Pandora Model: 796083EN117
Playing on the close link between nature and freedom, this innovative sterling silver ESSENCE FREEDOM charm design featu..
Pandora Sterling Silver American Bald Eagle Charm - A Patriotic Masterpiece Pandora Sterling Silver American Bald Eagle Charm - A Patriotic Masterpiece
-50 %
Brand: Pandora Model: 799029C01
Elevate your style with the Pandora Sterling Silver American Bald Eagle Charm, a true patriotic masterpiece. Expertly ha..
$22.50 $45.00
Brand: Pandora Model: 791395
Celebrate the warmth of loving and tender feelings with our Sterling Silver and 14K Gold Teddy Bear Hug Charm. This ador..
Sterling Silver Heart Pendant with Clear CZ - A Token of Love
-50 %
Brand: Pandora Model: 390325CZ
Celebrate love on special occasions with our exquisite Sterling Silver Heart Pendant, adorned with sparkling cubic zirco..
$30.00 $60.00
Pandora Sterling Silver Chick Charm - Adorable Avian Elegance
-43 %
Brand: Pandora Model: 791743
Elevate your charm collection with our Pandora Sterling Silver Chick Charm, a delightful avian-inspired piece that exude..
$20.00 $35.00
Brand: Pandora Model: 791494EN12
Elevate your collection with the Pandora White Enamel Daisy Meadow Clip Charm. Meticulously crafted in sterling silver a..
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