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    Pandora Gold Plating Screw Thread Timeless Yellow Murano Glass Bead sales

Pandora Gold Plating Screw Thread Timeless Yellow Murano Glass Bead sales

Murano European pandora Beads Troll cupronickel gold plating screw thread full Core,Rondelle,bead size:6-8*13-14mm,hole:4mm

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Planet Money I'm at an Uno Pizzeria Grill in Framingham, Mass.

, and the doors are just about to open for the lunch rush. Everybody's getting ready. Manager Andy Sklar is psyching up the servers, talking to them about the specials and the LTOs that's the limited time offers. SKLAR: It'll have fries on one side of the roll, and then we'll have the power slaw on the other side. So I know your next question is, Andy, what is power slaw? Oh, that's definitely my question. What is the power slaw? VANEK SMITH: So I'm still not exactly clear on this. He did describe it. It's apparently coleslaw with Goji mix in it, like the Goji berries, I think. Anyway, I was going to ask him about it, but there was no time. We were already on to the specialty cocktails. SKLAR: OK, so two new drinks. Both of the drinks are served in these wonderful mason jars. VANEK SMITH: One of the servers asked if the customers got to keep the wonderful mason jars. VANEK SMITH: Everything is almost ready. www pandora net australia The tomato sauce is simmering. The dough is rising in these deep dish molds, and the servers are ready to push the power slaw. VANEK SMITH: But one more thing has to happen before the restaurant can open. VANEK SMITH: Somebody's got to turn on the robots. It's Jorge Castillo. He is walking from table to table with a stack of these square batteries, and he's pushing them into the side of these little computer tablets that sit on every table. JORGE CASTILLO: It turns on by itself. It takes a couple of minutes for it to turn on. Once I'm done with that, I just go around and make sure they look nice, wipe them down. SMITH: This is the Ziosk. Ziosk. Imagine a sturdy iPad about 8 inches tall, about 7 inches wide. And this is going into thousands of chain restaurants across the country. The Ziosk is in Chili's and in Applebee's and soon most Olive Gardens and, of course, Pizzeria Uno. VANEK SMITH: The Ziosk will greet you, take your order, entertain you, let you pay right there at the table. It's basically a computerized waiter. Hello, and welcome to PLANET MONEY. I'm Stacey Vanek Smith. SMITH: And I'm Robert Smith. Today on the show, waiters become the latest group of workers to meet the machines that may where can i buy pandora bracelets eventually replace them. UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: Support for PLANET MONEY and this message comes from Dropbox, maker of Dropbox for Business. The average person uses two devices to share at work to collaborate regularly. Dropbox for Business gives you access to your team's files wherever pandora bracelet online store you work computer, phone, laptop or from any web browser, so that you can stay productive on the go wherever you are. Plus, you get all the space your team needs and unlimited deletion recovery and version history. VANEK SMITH: Before the robots came to Uno Pizzeria, it was a really laid back place to work. That's according to Kelsey Picknell. She worked at Uno for almost a decade. She left last year, but she still remembers exactly how she used to greet the guests. KELSEY PICKNELL: Hi, my name is Kelsey. I'm going to be taking care of you today. Can I get you some drinks to start out and maybe recommend an Arnold Palmer or raspberry iced tea? VANEK SMITH: She sold a lot of Arnold Palmers. Kelsey took some time off to travel, and when she came back they were there the tablets on every single table. And she says her job changed completely. It's 11 o'clock time to open the doors for the lunch rush. Jorge Castillo is the keeper of the keys. He unlocks the door. CASTILLO: We're ready. Let's make some money (laughter). VANEK SMITH: A few minutes later, the first customers start filing in. And so far, it just looks like any other restaurant. They walk up to the hostess. They get seated. The waiter comes right pandora style bracelet over to the table.

TOM: My name's Tom, by the way. Just so you know, drink specials are right here. We also have Pepsi products.

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