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    Mickey Mouse Disneyland 60th Anniversary Charm by Disney Pandora Charms clearance

Mickey Mouse Disneyland 60th Anniversary Charm by Disney Pandora Charms clearance

Sixty years after it first opened, Disneyland continues to shine, just like this silver Mickey Mouse Charm by PANDORA. Crafted in sterling silver, it commemorates the diamond anniversary of the Happiest Place on Earth. 

Sexy 6 AXIS ROBOTIC ARM Well I finally did it.

I finally pulled the trigger and started to build a 5/6 axis robotic arm. This is an ongoing project so please check back from time to time jewelry pandora rings to look at the progress and offer any ideas you might have who knows I just might include the changes. I have alot done so far. I will try to make this a step by step. If any of you need clarification or just more info on how i did that or where do i find that bit of software or that part etc. just drop me an email. So with that said lets get started. Please forgive any grammatical or spelling errors I am in a rush to finish this project please let me know if you see any. If I win the Laser cutting machine. I will use it to produce more robots. After all even robots need skin. Not to mention all the projects I can make with such an awsome too. I use a larger one like it before and it was amazing the speed and quality of the finished parts. So to begin with any robotic project no mater how complex you must plan, plan, plan, and then finally figure out or layout how you will go about it. or "PLAN". Use your head when building anything. Use safety glasses when running mills drills or any power tool Your eye's are just little water balloons and can pop like a grape so protect them. I don't have time to create an instructable on how to replace your eye. You're fingers hands and other appendages will lose any battle you engage in with a cnc, lathe or most power tools. Don't take them for granted. I have 30 years experience with machine tools and the building of robots I will try to make this easy. If you have a good design you can send out the drawings to have the major part fabricated fairly cheaply. If you don't know how to use a tool then learn, take a class, ask me or learn the trade. These types of machines have a mind of their own and must be respected, Safety first. Now That the safety brief is out of the way lets get on with the show. This picture is my last concept before i began. I created this layout with solidworks. that way i could test for any interference from moving parts in order to make sure they would all fit together just right. I also wanted to test for load bearing and lateral forces, as well as motor torque and loads. This information though not needed right away is a must for later on. The mechanical layout is just a small piece of the design you must also consider all the programing that will be part of any robot you build especially a 6 axis robotic arm with inverse kenimetrics. More on that later. Once i had the basic layout I needed to make sure i cold afford the parts necessary to build this monster. I had to source the motors and find a supplier, as well as the gear/ drive train for each axis. The motors i settled on were found on Ebay for 30.00 each. I bought 10 because i want to build more that one robot arm. Step 1: Motor and Gear Choice This picture shows two of my motors with a controller. The motors as mention above were bought on ebay for 30.00 each. They are brushed DC motors and run on 60 volts peak. up to 8 amps. these are strong stable motors perfect for the job. A few things you need to be aware of when building any electrically powered device driven by motors. one is the voltage you plan on using this gets into available power sources. You have to be able to power your creation once you build it. I choose 60 volt dc because I could easily find a DC power supply for them, or if necessary build one myself. I will show you the power supply later on. You also need to consider the shaft size of the motor. This is important because you need to be able to find a suitable and low cost yet capable gear reduction system for the robot. I chose to use a 10 to one reduction encapsulated in a planetary arrangement. this gives me great space savings as well as where can i buy pandora rings an efficient power out with good torque characteristics. These pictured were found pandora charms original on the internet and brand new cost me 150.00 apiece. Choose wisely when selecting your gear reduction or drive system. I made a mistake when i chose these units they should have been 30 to 1 not 10 to 1 as a result I will need to add a bellows system to help counteract the extra weight to avoid wearing out the motors and burning up the power supply. I will show you how I was able to fix this issue with very little effort though, sometimes you have to roll with the punches to get the job done. My solution was simple yet elegant and effective. I will install the Bellow system once I receive the parts i ordered should be here next week or so. The last item you need to be aware of when picking a drive system is not only the motor and the transmission but the feedback system needs to be addressed. All robotic mobile systems need feedback otherwise they will not know where they are in relation to a known point, this is key to control of each axis. I have a 5000 count quadrature encoder on each axis this give me with the 10 to one gear reduction over 400000 counts per axis revolution, and as you may know the more resolution you have in your feedback loop the more accurate the robot is going to be. You can see the encoders mounted here in this pic they are located on the end of each motor with the grey cap. Renco makes these encoders. Once you have the motors and transmission and feedback your next choice will be how to i power and control these babies? For these motors I chose to use a Roboteq motor Controller "SDC 2150" this controller is just awesome It can control two 50 volt DC Brushed motors at the same time, and handle the encoders, and have digital pin outs as well. not to mention the ability to store your program on board the control as well. it also comes with very good configuration software with a mild learning curve and some of the best tech support i have had. I cannot recommend them any higher. These controllers also have usb, serial, analog and pulse control abilities built right in. you can configure any port to run and digital, analog, pulse and the have can bus as well for networking these together. Go and get the PDF from the website. The next thing i did was to build a cover for my motor controllers. for this I used my 3D printer pictured here. This Printer is a godsend it makes my life so much easier. Just make your part in solid works and send to printer, that's it. you can see in this next picture the three controller boards with PVC covers made with the printer. Nice, each controller drives two motors. total 6 motors 6 axis lol for those who anrent good at the math. you can also see in the first picture showing the wires on the motor controller. There are some near my thumb. These are PWM inputs and one power output for RC or radio control. Just like those remote controlled airplanes and cars you see all the time. This comes with each motor controller. This is perfect for me. I am going to drive each of these axis with a PWM signal. I will show you how I build the circuit and soldered the boards so I could connect my computer to the drivers and control the robot. The next Item i had to choose was how to control the beast once completed. I didn't want to use my desktop I have too many games to play on that baby. I find that I get very cranky if I don't get my Battle Field 3 fix once a day. So I looked around the net for a while thought about this pc or that one, weighed the pro's and con's talked to some of my friends on the matter and after some deliberation and begging for funds from my wife decided on this beauty. It is called a Pico Pc. very small and for powerful for it size. a full 1 GHz processor, with 2 gigs ram, and hd video output with 4 usb2 ports 1 serial port just what i needed. one sata input as well as ide input for hard drive. It came with all the cabling needed. Though I had to purchase a separate power supply. pictured here. For the hard drive I wanted to avoid standard platen drives or mechanical hard drives, in doing so I would avoid the failures associated with harsh environments not to mention the bumps and vibrations that were bound to occur. so i chose this one its a 64 GB solid state drive. Nice. This will run windows xp pro as my operating system, without a hitch. Once I get the OS installed I will pare it down to a minimum to reduce its volume and speed up the program to run my algorithms. Now we have almost everything we need to start getting our hands dirty. One last detail I needed was how do I talk to the robot? How do I make programing this creature slick and so easy that anyone could program and run it without any training? I searched the web and found a slew of possibilities for example there is the Lynxmotion serial servo control board. this is a good choice no reason not pandora chrams to use this one. trouble is some of the software though just fine and works great, requires some programing knowledge. If this is your bag or you just want to give it a try the get this one you wont be sorry, However I wanted an even easier way to program my arm than that. So I build my own serial interface board and used a different software to control it. HVlabs hand wrote this code. and has a schematic that you can use to build program and run this little baby.

I reworked all of this hardware and build my own version. These pictures show the board layout, the schematics, and the are if you want to etch your own boards. If you cant or don't want to drop me an email I can build them for you.

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