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    Mickey Mouse 'Mickey Mania' Charm by Disney Pandora Charms sales

Mickey Mouse 'Mickey Mania' Charm by Disney Pandora Charms sales

All the parts that collectively make up the beloved mouse are captured in this openwork design with vibrantly colored enamel. A great charm for adding fun and excitement to your collection. 

Paper Bead Leather Bracelet Paper You can use any kind of paper.

It's particularly fun to save old wrapping paper, paper bags from a trip or other papers that remind you of a special time. For this project pick out patterns that are colorful. Thicker paper makes bigger beads. Optional large hole metal beads and/or charmsUTEE ultra which stores sell pandora charms thick embossing enamel, clear any brandHeat gunThe length of the pandora silver beads strips determine the thickness of the final bead. The longer the strips, the thicker the bead. To start, cut strips at least 1 foot long. Use either scissors, an xacto knife and straight edge, or a paper cutter. Roll one and see how it looks. Measurements are different for different papers. When you have the right size, cut the rest. I used a paper cutter to cut straight strips 1 cm wide. This will be your bead width. Then pandora charm bracelet store locator I angled the paper starting at the 1 cm mark down to a few mm and cut angled strips. For each bead you will use one straight strip and one angled strip. Note: The shape of the paper strip determines the shape of the final bead. Straight strips make cylinders. Angled cuts make diamonds and ovals. Experiment with different cuts to see what you like. Step 3: The Biggest Problem Keeping Strips Organized. This is the part where the paper becomes a bead and you first see the patterns the papers make. Firmly wrap a straight paper strip around your round shape (I used an X Acto knife handle). When the whole strip is wrapped, tack the end with the glue stick. Match up the fat end pandora bracelet sale of the angled second strip (of the same paper), and roll that on top of the first strip. You can use glue to tack beginning of the strip if you want. Keep the second strip centered as much as possible. Tack down the narrow end with glue. Don't roll too tight or you won't be able to remove the bead.

When the glue is set, gently remove the bead. Reshape a little if necessary. Step 5: Optional Sanding When the glue is dry you can leave your beads as they are or sand down any pieces of paper that stick out.

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