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Professor Layton Pandora Box video game review Professor Hershel Layton gentlemanly debut last where to buy pandora charms year was quite the success. Our immaculately dressed, polite to a tee hero captured the hearts and minds of all ages as he puzzled his way to the secret of St. Mystere. The Mysterious Village was a quite brilliant compendium of tricky brain ticklers, beautifully presented in a charming tale that somehow made sense of why every denizen of the enigmatic town seemed obsessed with algebra, or rearranging matchsticks into funny shapes. Its triumph in the sales charts should have been no surprise; tapping into what many feel defines the DS by taxing the brain and touching the heart. And beyond some outrageous plot twists, there are no shocks when it comes to the sequel, Pandora Box, which is essentially more of the same; stuffed to the gills with traditional teasers that will test even the brainiest of players. The tale is all new, of course, and delivered in the same pandora jewelry store locator exquisitely drawn artwork that so embellished the original. Layton and his assistant Luke a cockney scamp so clichd it a wonder he doesn break out in a stirring rendition of "Any Old Iron" every five minutes go to visit the Professor friend, Dr. Schrader. Schrader wants Layton to inspect a mysterious artefact he has found, the Elysian Box, rumoured to bring death to anyone who opens its gilded lid. The Doctor, in perhaps not his finest moment, opens the box anyway and Layton arrives at Schrader apartment to find his pal dead, and the box missing. Layton and Luke then promise to track down the box and solve the mystery of the dear departed Doctor death. Unfortunately, the bumbling Inspector Chelmey arrives and Layton must conduct his own investigation under the beady gaze of the idiotic detective. Hilarity inevitably ensues. It takes a real talent to interweave a well told story with traditional brainteasers, and Level 5 had the perfect sleight of hand to manage it in the first game. Unfortunately, you can pull off the same trick twice, and while an attempt to closer match the puzzles to the plot is made, their implementation can be rather trite at times, causing an unavoidable disconnect to the game world. However, it doesn matter greatly once you settle into Layton gentle flow; the familiar puzzling, characters and storytelling warming the cockles like a favourite blanket. There are small improvements and additions. You can now write a memo on every puzzle, which becomes absolutely essential as the difficulty ramps up. There are new mini games too; Luke adopts a tubby hamster, which you can exercise; camera pieces are scattered around the world for you to find and assemble (much like the robot dog in the first game) and there a delightfully whimsical tea brewing set to play around with too. Your enjoyment of these mini games are likely to vary, depending on your puzzle preferences, but they rarely intrusive and offer a nice distraction when you find yourself stumped on a particularly tricky teaser. Despite these improvements, the overarching feeling at the end of Pandora Box is that it not quite as accomplished as its predecessor in the area it counts most. The puzzles are arguably easier this time (although conditioning naturally plays a part in this) but their main faults come in some clumsy wording and flawed logic. Dodgy puzzles did crop up at times original pandora bracelet during the Mysterious Village, but perhaps not with the regularity of Pandora Box. There also a disappointing reliance on repeat puzzles towards the end. The plot too, becomes ridiculously convoluted, to the point you forget why you end up where you do.

Its ending is wonderfully sweet on the surface, but the tale leaves far too many tangled strings in its wake, especially compared to the first game expertly resolved fairytale. Nevertheless, you would have to be fairly cold of heart to not fall for Layton the second time around. It still has more charm and character than most and the hiccups pandora necklace pendants provides a challenging, fun and satisfying puzzle experience for players young, old and everything in between.

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