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Saanich to take part in amalgamation study The most populous centre on Vancouver Island Saanich plans to participate in the provincial study of capital region amalgamation options.

A letter to the province from council is expected to be approved next week. "We can't www pandora com pandora bracelets stick our heads in the sand while this study is going on," said Coun. Colin Plant, who pushed for participation. "It's about being respectful, about getting information for our residents." A provincial study is the only way there will be a governance review by an outside party, he said. The province agreed to conduct a study after voters in seven of 13 capital region municipalities voted in non binding referendums to explore the idea. In November's civic elections, voters in Victoria, Saanich, Esquimalt, Langford, Central Saanich, Sidney and North Saanich cast ballots in favour of investigating some type of amalgamation from sharing of more services to outright folding into a larger city. Oak Bay voters rejected the idea. Colwood, Sooke, Metchosin, View Royal and Highlands did not place the issue on their ballots. Each municipality posed cheap pandora charms the question differently. In Saanich, 88 per cent of voters said yes to its question: "Do you support council initiating a community based review of the governance pandora design a bracelet structure and policies within Saanich and our partnerships within the region?" But only a handful of Saanich residents showed up at council this week to comment on what the letter to Community Minister Coralee Oakes should say. Many who attended gold pandora bracelet simply reiterated their stances for or against amalgamation, Plant said. "I was disappointed we didn't get more input," said Plant, adding he has lost enthusiasm for amalgamation options in recent months and is less sure they are in the best interests of Saanich. "We don't even know how the province is going to study this," he said. "I'm open to the study just so we can find the information out." Rather than see Saanich more involved with Victoria, Oak Bay and Esquimalt, Plant said he would prefer alignment with other municipalities on the Saanich Peninsula due to the prevalence of agricultural land. "The more I learn, the less sure I am that it's going to be great for Saanich," he said. Plant said he hopes a letter to be drafted by Mayor Richard Atwell will come back to council for affirmation next week. John Vickers, spokesman for the grassroots, pro amalgamation group Amalgamation Yes, said he was pleased that Saanich plans to participate in the study.

"Their citizens deserve to be part of the study to see what is the best governance structure for the region," Vickers said in a statement. Victoria, Esquimalt, Colwood, North Saanich, Central Saanich, Sidney and Metchosin have written to Oakes confirming participation, with Langford indicating its intent to do so. "Hopefully, Oak Bay, View Royal, Sooke and the Highlands will also join in the conversation so that a thorough and comprehensive governance/amalgamation study can be done," Vickers said.

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