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    Pandora Shoes Pink Dangles Bead online clearance

Pandora Shoes Pink Dangles Bead online clearance

Pretty little dance shoes dangle from this gorgeous criss cross decorated bead that is adorned with prety pink CZs,making this the perfect addition to your favorite dancer's Pandora collection.A great gift for the Mom's of dancers or for the dancer herself!

925 Sterling Silver.

see if he was dead An Toronto man accused in a brutal murder used his dagger to stab the victim in the legs several times, to check to , his lawyer told a jury this week.

After four days of closing arguments, the trial that is delving into the murder of Thornhill baker Ali Garakan has come to an end. Garakan, who took in two teenaged girl runaways, along with his own daughter, pandora bracelet outlet was murdered on his 48th birthday by three men who believed he was pervert, the Crown alleges. However the teen girls testified he was more like an uncle or a father. After being stabbed 15 times in the chest, then several more times in the legs possibly after he was already dead his body was stuffed in a trunk and later dumped in a ditch and burned. His charred body was found smoldering on a country road north of Toronto in Essa Township November 7, 2008. Arash Arashvand, 26, Mohammad Al Kazragy, 28, Payam Khastou, 25, all of Toronto, are on trial for first degree murder. was killed in a frenzied attack, Crown Karen McLeave told the jury, suggesting Garakan was bound with duct tape then killed in the front seat of a vehicle and attacked from beside and behind. Defence lawyer David Steinberg has insisted Arashvand, was not part of the murder and only helped his friends in disposing of the body afterward. Expert evidence showed the stab wounds to Garakan legs matched that of a dagger like knife that Arashvand carried around, sometimes calling it baby. It is indeed, that knife, that his lawyer admits his client used while Garakan lay dead, or dying, in the trunk. stabs him in the legs to check to see if he dead to see if he jerks, Steinberg told the jury. a terrible, disgusting thing that he did but Mr. Arashvand was not involved in this frenzied attack he did not cause his death. the other hand, the jury has heard evidence that Arashvand may have been the ring leader of offers on pandora bracelets the attack. The jury heard pandora silver bracelet how the three men were like brothers and smoked dope together. Arashvand received disability, lived on the streets, and sold drugs. He liked to rap, and he wore a t shirt with the words: them all, Let God deal with them. And, he was somewhat of a lady man, having sexual relationships with the three teen girls that lived with the victim, as well as with another teen who later had his child after he was arrested for murder. Now, in court, the mother of his two year old child sits in court smiling at her man in the glassed in prisoner box with the other accused men. Near pandora bracelets charms store locator her, Khastou mother also sits in court, day in and day out, hoping for her son freedom. The jury has heard how modern electronic media, including cell phone records, debit card expenditures and security video clips, left a timeline and geographic map that tracks all three men on the night of the murder starting with a the simple $6.77 purchase of a roll of duct tape with a debit card at Canadian Tire. Eight minutes later, Khastou debit card was used to purchase a red plastic gasoline can. A short time later, Khastou again uses his debit card to purchase gasoline at a gas station where both he and Al Kazragy are captured on video. Cell tower records show how they headed north of Toronto to the area of where the burned corpse was found. But perhaps the most crucial piece of evidence in the Crown case, is a four hour video that was seized from a Toronto car dealership. In the video, the three men are shown in the early morning hours after the murder, cleaning the black Nissan Maxima owned by Khastou. They are seen going back and fourth to a dumpster, bottles of Windex, paper towels and garbage bags in their hands. They are seen ripping carpet from the floor and the trunk of the vehicle and dragging it to a fire behind the dealership. One man is seen taking off his shirt and throwing it into the fire, where a partially charred and melted red gasoline can is later found.

Despite the intense cleaning, Blood spatter expert David Sibley said about 30 blood samples were on the dash and trunk of the vehicle that matched the victim and Arashvand. One set of smeared, bloody finger impressions suggested Garakan may have still been alive while in the trunk. The judge charge to the jury began Friday and is expected to be completed Monday, when the jury will then be sequestered.

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