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Philip Seymour Hoffman Had 50 Bags of Heroin Michelle Franzen in new York and this is an ABC news digital special report.

As a New York City corner performs an autopsy today fans of Philip Seymour Hoffman are gathering to the Oscar winning actor. Hoffman was found dead Sunday morning in an apparent heroin overdose believed to be what killed him. today the police found fifty bags of the drug along with used needles in his west village apartment. With all the latest here's ABC's Devin Dwyer. Hey Michelle good afternoon outside. Hoffman's home here in the west village friends and neighbors coming. All day leaving flowers and candles that autopsy report under way. But really at this point people are coming to terms with a tragedy. Today an outpouring of grief for yet another Hollywood star lost apparently to overdose on drugs. Fans around the world morning Philip Seymour Hoffman. Found dead in his apartment Sunday at age 46. It was just such and talent and night just. Was so shocked to hear and passing laws of the greats. The terrorists. Police say Hoffman was found on the floor of his bathroom by friend David Katz reported cheap pandora charm bracelets envelope of heroin near his body and and a hypodermic needle still in his arm today this city medical examiner will determine the official cause of death. Princess harper was haunted by drug addiction since college for 23 years he was clean last year Hoffman admitted himself to rehab after abusing heroin again. The relapse of addiction was a sad turn for transcendent talent in his prime controlling the expression on your face right now aren't you. Critics. Where exactly are you accusing me Hoffman appeared in fifty films and less than 25 years he was nominated for Oscar for times Oscar goes to. Philip Seymour 2006 he won best actor for his performance in the movie assuming this place is one of Hollywood's most talented stars huge loss for how. would because he was this amazing character actor. Whose abilities really spanned the spectrum. That what are the things difference he said Philip Seymour Hoffman apart his Everyman demeanor here in the neighborhood he was. Really a rare relayed celebrity who will be sorely missed he survived by his longtime girlfriend and three children Michelle. Devin thank you very much. For more on story want to bring in ABC's Aaron while we won't likely know the official cause of death for a few weeks yet. All the evidence so far seems to be point 21 thing can you walk us through police have told you. Also show it's believed to be a drug overdose specifically heroin there was evidence of heroin found at the scene. Philip Seymour Hoffman was found in his bathroom by David Katz alluded to. And he was found with a syringe sticking out of his arm and inside the apartment law enforcement officials tell us they found. Fifty bags of heroin. Drug paraphernalia others pandora jewelry rings sale syringes and prescription pills the specifics. On what the drugs were we'll have to wait for toxicology tests as you say four. Another month or so but the autopsy is now under way in the the medical examiner should at least be able to confirm at least. That this was a drug overdose Aaron with all the information that came out were you surprised initially the di tale of information that we're hearing. this is fairly standard this was an unattended death meaning there was no evidence of foul play so police were able to it to close the case fairly quickly. They understand that this city is a celebrity they understand the nature of the interest when it comes to Philip Seymour Hoffman but that they want to be careful until they hear from the medical examiner to draw conclusions about latest pandora bracelet the specific drugs. We knew that he had a heroin problem as alluded to and it seems as if he was still struggling very recently right up until the end with that. you mentioned that we've heard a lot about his issues with drugs as a young man he's been very expressive. telling that story himself and what happened this year the initial relapse that led to another rehab stint that that he he had told interviewers that the you know after being clean for so long Did that there was some kind of that episode what what touched it off I'm not sure. But he ended up but checking himself into rehab and and he was supposed to. Pick up his kids on Sunday morning three kids and when he did not show up that's when David Katz was sent to his apartment in the west village. And found him there along with an assistant found Philip Seymour Hoffman in the bathroom the syringe still a sticking out of his arm. And and one thing investigators are going to want to be curious about is whether that the heroin that Philip Seymour Hoffman. Had in his in his system what came from a that may have been tainted. about more powerful narcotic that's been making pandora outlet online its way around heroin in the northeast there have been a number of deaths tied to it. And it's certainly something they will be looking at as we mentioned Hoffman. In the years prior had been very open about his own drug addiction in the rehab that he sought. And certainly what have we heard from him detail it evicted them from from Philip Seymour Hoffman you know I haven't heard. To too much about his own personal story but in general Michel. Heroin addiction is in fact police on Friday here in New York City. Busted up heroin mill in the Bronx they found 33 pounds of heroin with an estimated street value of eight million dollars it was the size of the bus. That this special narcotics prosecutor here in the city said should really wake everybody up to the magnitude of the problems. That this area faces and and there is and in her words soaring addiction troubles. All across the northeast when it comes to heroin. Very good and your new Yorker we've seen such an outpouring from the community here what was it about Philip Seymour Hoffman that drew. New Yorkers to him I his talent I think having just a tremendous talent and in some. Cult movies in his performance night sticks out in my mind but. But. Also in Charlie Wilson's war and and and so many others tonight I think also the fact that you saw the guy around town it wasn't one to. The high he was among. The people and a good character actor in Broadway as well which I think in him. Two to so many of the working actors that are you know around the city. Yet he was glitzy he did the big screen but he also you know cut its shops on on on as well and a hardworking actor two masked many. Accolades not with only within his own group but also was just they number of films that he did and stage acting get a couple in production. As we speak we heard from from with showtime had and and and some others that had projects. Working with him all praising his abilities. But but clearly succumbing to to a struggle that has been in his life. Four for the better part of it. Most certainly he's very popular actor always was always was I had a chance to see him Shakespeare in the park and he was up against. It's not a competition some big name people on stage including Meryl Streep and Kevin Kline and he held his own parent teachers can thank you so much thanks for joining us.

And for the latest on the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman the Oscar award winning actor. This has been an ABC news digital special report I'm Michelle Franzen in New York. This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

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