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    Pandora Captivating Blue Murano Glass Bead discount sale

Pandora Captivating Blue Murano Glass Bead discount sale

You'll never feel blue again once you see how rich this Pandora Murano Glass Captivating Blue bead looks on your Pandora bracelet. It is so pretty that you might really get captivated and mesmerized.
Bead Size: 8*14mm
Core Size: 4.5mm hole
Weight: 3 gram each bead (Approx.)

PIPA Blackout Petition Generates 4 UPDATE: The figure is now well over 7 million, according to pandora jewlery a Google+ post. that took the time yesterday to petition Congress to stop SOPA and PIPA, two bills that would censor the web and impose burdensome regulations on American businesses. Please keep +1ing, tweeting and sharing the petition with your friends. ORIGINAL ARTICLE: One subjective metric one can use to judge the success of yesterday's is buzz. And using that unit of jewelers boston measure, it appears to have succeeded. On Wednesday, it was nearly impossible to escape SOPA discussion. Whether it was on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+, the legislation dominated the national conversation. And it was incredibly difficult to go the entire day without stumbling on a site with some sort of SOPA / PIPA protest. from SOPA protests. An objective metric we can use to judge the impact of yesterday's protests comes in the form of petition signatures. Of course, various petitions exist all across the web, hosted by various organizations. Signatures on those petitions already total hundreds of thousands. But the big figure comes from Google, who announced that 4.5 million people signed the online petition linked from their homepage on Wednesday. As you probably saw, Google participated in the protests yesterday by placing a giant black censor bar where to buy pandora bracelets near me over their logo on the homepage. disney pandora charms australia Users who clicked on the logo (or the link below the search box) were taken to a landing page that said "End Piracy, Not Liberty." Along with informational resources on the two bills, users could also sign a petition to tell Congress not to censor the web. And apparently, a lot of people took the time to do that. Actually, 4.5 million signatures is an obscene figure to report from just one day.

It probably helped that Google emphasized sharing with the petition. Once you signed it, Google asked that you shared it via Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Maybe I just have socially conscious friends, but I saw dozens of shares of the Google survey on all three channels yesterday.

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