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Sandra Bland's Final Hours Video Seeing that there's been a great certainty by outside sources and to the cause in this plan staff.

A want to make clear that the death of this plan was a tragic incidents. Not one of criminal intends. New developments in the mysterious death of Sandra bland officials releasing jailhouse video. It's about three hours long and with taken around the time she was found dead in her cell. He's anti personnel scrambling to her sell her death has been ruled a suicide. But the Texas district attorney says it's now being treated like a murder investigation. Hello everyone I'm Elizabeth curry in New York no results of a private autopsy requested by her family is expected to be released later today. Let's bring in ABC's crime and terror analyst Brad Garrett. Brad good morning to you and will begin here with the new law just released by the sheriff's office. They spent at 705 AM on July 13 bland appeared to be in good health even telling a jailer pulled I am glad. Fifty minutes later she used the intercom to make a call from the phone in her cell. But no call was ever made and our leaders she was found dead. Brad what does this new information tell you. Well it tells me that we have. A large number of unknowns. And other words. I don't know where exactly during that two hour block from the time breakfast until 9 AM. Who had access to herself. In gold pandora necklace other words I realize there is surveillance video. The question is are but this cover. Our Izzard certainly indoor himself the cameras actually captured the you know that he suggestion. That somebody possibly. Would be percent. Perpich he's Elizabeth and looking at the potential suicides. In eaters in her. Haitian what what were the major issues in her life or worry they're. In Enid public source information that would suggest there is a thing going on with her. But that's a rule of court hearing checked or were guards that are side of that cell block or area of the jail where word pandora rings jewelry today. During a two hour period. Com. And a big question for me is I've spent a lot of time in jails and prisons. Is what she doing with a plastic trash bag yourself to begin work. And Brad that would actually our next question officials say they found a plastic trash bag in her cell. Yesterday we heard from some community and religious leaders the athletes in question where did this trash bag come from our trash bag usually in self. Absolutely not there's nothing allowed Elizabeth in cells that you could potentially use to harm yourself in other words if they feed you your cell. All utensils have to be need to keep track of them many times their disposable. But there's nothing you can pick up a news. You know one of the big issues in years past Pete Ed sheets is that even try to eliminate potential of using those. To harm herself her or maybe even potentially escape. So it you know this is just lax behavior in as far as the jail is concerned what what we'll have to see that. The sheriff's office is got a lot institute here adds to that. How the world you've got a two hour window with somebody. That you don't really know apparently what was going on for those two hours of me I will tell you even a cell blocs is Irish jails. Air. There are not surveillance cameras at every location. They that you would be called roving deputies they continuing opera and this poke your head in certain locations to make sure everything's okay. And what's who do they have a procedure like that so. The district attorney's sounds like he may be in the middle of this case and now the FBI I think are looking over their shoulder. As a potential suspects or rights violation of some sort if in fact if that's relevant. You know many questions as you say but what we do know for certain at this point is that she was taken into custody. After a routine traffic stop we have seen that video. From your experience how I think traffic stop me to jail. Attracted. Stop sleep GO because you're not cooperating. You know what did she say what does she do she combating what the officers. You know did she get out the car then resist what she was outside the car I think complaining that won the world are you arresting me. But again public source information. Again reports the shoes she didn't use it turns didn't change lanes. You know and that's is that oddly out of there I've ever watched anybody stopped just for an active they stopper or some other reason. That they find irregularities. In her and it registration indoor driver's license though they haven't charged with anything like that so. And the answer isn't in any guesses note. But. Something like this foolish yet others' suspicions. That escalated into basically a fight on the ground. Over changing lines. News that's as that's I think that's probably a separate and distinct part of this investigation. I'm not sure how that probably is relevant may be to her death. But it's as if this important how she got into jail. So a lot for the district attorney in the FBI to get her. Poole along those lines later today officials say they will be releasing some dash cam video of her arrest. Do you equal get some answers from that footage what do you think we'll learn from the video. Well hopefully it depends only angled the car and one of the problems with dash cam videos as. What is the what is the trajectory or aim of the camera. So I would presume it would be better than innocent. Civilians. Cell phone camera shop that's as some distance away and you can't really see. What's going on the ground. Will be very helpful to me this is the dash cam catches book conversation and physical interaction. Between Sandra and the officers watched he still on the car what got her out of the car why did they feel like they had justification. Or need safety lights or otherwise get her out of the car over to the grass and then get into its consulate there on the ground. None of those are questions again. That will be at least at this point. May be separate from what went on in the jail but you have to look at the whole package as to what is really going on here. The it would appear to be an over reaction but I'm really hesitant to say that because we don't know. pandora jewelry shop online What the officers what their intentions were or what behavior she exhibited. That they felt justified they get her out of the car and arrestor. And Brad lastly her family says she had everything going for her that she moved to Texas for a new job that she was excited about. Could two days in jail in your view push someone to suicide. Well I mean jail can be if you've never been in jail jail can be very traumatic. Now I think that. Personally to go. Without knowing anything else about the swollen. If someone would go firm. Having like fairly put together jewelry exchange has a new job things are moving down there's not really sort of a dark side to her personality your life. That two days in the county jail would not push you over even status all of them might be there are some other if this is suicide. That there's some other element into play here that you and I don't know about so that's another key as far as what the the district attorney's office in the FBI have to find out and I think media later days will losses get a read. As to what the private autopsy. Fines if it if it supports what the but with the local medical examiner coroner found which I think here sheer they are saying it was the sixty Asian. Which he unit typically is the term used to get somebody would hang cells. And ABC's crime and terror analyst Brad Garrett thank you so much and very reasons why her family is now demanding an independent investigation think you. And you can keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news app and starring this story for exclusive update on the go.

For now. Analyst at her in New York. This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

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