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Pandora Gold Plating Screw Thread Beautiful Vortex Black Grey Murano Glass Bead online clearance

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Putin is playing checkers not chess BOLLING: No.

I think it's been going on for a long time. And fortunately, we did find out. I'm sure that there is that material available. It's just a matter of time, but the other part is getting it here, number one. And number two, how do you dispense it? Where are you going to put it? There's a lot of planning that goes into it. What's concerning is the way that computation with Russia happen today. So we have a drone and they have fighter jets, they come within 20 miles of each other and our drones are told to go back. That's a conflict, OK? So we need to deconflict. You know these deconfliction talks that we were supposed to be having. Apparently, they didn't work. PERINO: So a couple of things, one of the one a big concerns about this problem is that Russia has been very cooperative with the United States in trying to find and share intelligence to make sure that people like the individual who is arrested today, that was having weapons grade uranium that they're trying to sell, that we can track those people down. So that cooperation between the United States and Russia and other countries has been key to try to stop those attacks. And so hopefully, we can keep those lines of communication open with them while we have this other problem going on Syria because that is what I think that most intelligence officials would say that's the next step in the war on terror against western national nationalization national countries. The other thing is Kerry and Lavrov. Remember last week, we sat here and we waited for them to come out and do their press conference. And one of the things they've said is, "We are committed to continuing to talk. We need to work on this deconfliction sale pandora charms issue." Came out today, the State Department confirmed that Lavrov and Kerry have not spoken since last week, so there is that. The other thing is when the White House I understand what they're saying when there when they explain their point of view. PERINO: About Putin's position now. That they think he's operating from a position of weakness, that they getting themselves too far and over his head. The thing is that that's not how Putin sees himself. So while it's true that people in Russia are less wealthy than they were even last year, they're dying they die at a younger age than even before every year, it's like their life expectancy goes down. They do have a ton of problems, but right now, I think that Putin, probably has calculated this just right for what he needs right now. So we can't wait for the long arc of history to show that Putin was wrong. And that's why I don't actually know what the Department of Defense is doing because the National Security Council is supposed to run all of these policies through that they're talking directly to generals and end running around to the cabinet from the actual staff, and so nobody knows what's going on. And that's why there's a lack of imagination. GUTFELD: I think we have a bigger issue here with this radioactive this chemical business that was that happened today. This is no surprise for anybody who has an imagination. Terror is a full time occupation. Terrorists don't go home at 5 o'clock and play with their kids or do fantasy football or a barbeque in the backyard. They think about this all the time. And they've had 15 years since 9/11, so 9/11 the next one going to make 9/11 look like 9/10, like nothing. And we I have yet to see anybody in this administration talk about these new dangers. And it's not a state danger like Russia. It's not Russia. It's these non state actors. These people that are trying, that now have the capacity that powerful states have like America and Russia. We have the power to kill lots of people, but now they are non state people with the same power, and there's no place for isolationists or pacifists who mistake, who somehow believe that security comes at the expense of freedom. They security and freedom go hand in hand. PERINO: You notice how their voices get higher the more they talk about it? All right, the investigation keeps widening, though. The Washington beacon reports that the FBI recently seized four servers from the State Department as it tries to determine how classified information made its way on the Clinton's private server. And the agency's probe has now expanded to a technology company, a second one called Datto Incorporated. It was hired to help back up data by the firm that managed Clinton's server at Platte River Networks. They are said to be cooperating. So, it's like the Pandora's Box of e mail thing. It's not just the server, it's the fact that Hillary Clinton every one of her explanations has been proven to be false. And I don't see how they get away with saying, well she accept the responsibility. That I don't think that's gonna cut it. GUTFELD: Why is this important? Why is the scandal important? Because terror comes I'm gonna back to A block. Terror comes in all shapes and sizes, including cyberterror. And I don't think a person who mistreats classified e mail in this manner, understands that there are people out there who want to knock out power in the hospital and kill patients or derail trains from afar, or deal with drones and anthrax. She can't even think about that, because she doesn't even understand what she has done and how dangerous she is with classified info. Her she kept her server in the toilet and that's where her campaign should go. BOLLING: I do. And I hope CNN does go after her and ask her about it because it does matter. Contrary to all of those Hillary Clinton surrogates, it matters because as a voter, you have to make a decision whether or not you believe Hillary Clinton really didn't know that a, she wasn't supposed to be doing what she was doing and b, she didn't understand what classified material was. Any logical person with half a brain has to realize those two cannot be true. Therefore, you have to pull a voting, vote in favor of someone who blatantly lied to you. If you still want to pandora sale online do that, knock yourself out, but that's why it's still relevant. That's why it still matters. And I tell you one other reason why it still matters. About 60 percent of the e mails are still coming out. We still don't know what's on those 60 2/3, and then the 50 thousands that she already scrubbed. PERINO: Because Donald Trump continues to be ahead of republican. There's a new Quinnipiac poll today, Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, he's still leading. Hillary Clinton also you know, the poll numbers come out today and we have a consistency. Let's take a look at this Quinnipiac asking, "Would you say that Hillary Clinton is honest and trustworthy?" And in pandora australia those key states of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, strong majorities all saying, no. The interesting thing is that you can also be, you can be the frontrunner and also be unpopular, thought to be untrustworthy. Here's Donald Trump's number saying poll, "Would you say Trump is honest and trustworthy?" And, no. In Florida again, majorities of 54 percent across the board, so how can how does that happen, Greg, where you can be the frontrunner and be popular, but also be unpopular and untrustworthy? GUILFOYLE: Base on real fact (ph). I think with Trump, his numbers that you saw, that you ask the question. I think it's because he's a very smart, good businessman, right? He gets he makes stuff happen. He gets the deals done that he wants. So people necessarily think well, if you do that you're kind of crafty. Maybe you're not so trustworthy because you're the shrewd businessman which is a different dynamic than Hillary, who is just, you know, untrustworthy, unlikable in general as a politician. GUTFELD: A new pandora charms in stores Gallup poll finds trust in the media lower than me doing the limbo. It's true. San Quentin gets better write ups on Yelp. Charles Manson has a higher e harmony score. How odd, people reject the media, despite its growing pool of attractive mouthpieces and portable delivery systems. So if you're a doctor checking the media's vitals, what's your diagnosis? It's the medium, but the toxic message, Kimberly. They spent seven years overlooking an inept president contributing to his calamitous foreign policy.

They've spent decades shaping climate change ideology, mocking competing data while linking scientists to Holocaust deniers. They happily accept an obscure video as causing Benghazi, which surprise, absolved their hero. They ran a media blackout on Planned Parenthood while anointing a boy who builds a phony clock, just to champion their own beliefs about a hateful America.

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