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Roadmap to how Gorsuch confirmation could play out Let's say Gorsuch fails to get 60 votes to pandora beads and charms end the filibuster Thursday.

That's where McConnell trips the nuclear wire. From a procedural standpoint, the Senate must be in what's called a "non debatable" posture. In other words, a failed cloture vote is just that. There's no more debate. This parliamentary cul de sac is important because it's practically the only procedural full pandora charm bracelets locus where pandora jewelry online retailers McConnell could initiate the nuclear option. Any other parliamentary disposition prevents McConnell from going nuclear. But this unique place following a failed cloture vote is practically throbbing with political isotopes. All McConnell must do is make a point what stores sell pandora bracelets and charms of order that the Senate only needs a simple majority (51 votes) to end debate on a Supreme Court nominee. Naturally, whichever GOP senator is presiding over the chamber would rule against McConnell. After all, that's not the precedent. But McConnell would then appeal that ruling, forcing another vote.

At that stage, the Senate is voting to sustain the ruling of the presiding officer. But if 51 senators vote no, the Senate has rebuked the chair's ruling and set a new precedent. Only 51 yeas are then necessary to break a filibuster on a Supreme Court nominee.

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