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    PANDORA Entwined Hearts Ring 190927 official clearance

PANDORA Entwined Hearts Ring 190927 official clearance

Pandora Entwined Hearts Ring 190927

Season 1 'Bachelorette' Couple Gives Advice to Kaitlyn Bristowe Time now for "Gma's" summer of love.

Bachelor nation is still celebrating its newest engaged couple, Kaitlyn pandora charms usa and SHAWN. They're both here. Look at them. We thought it would be great to not only have Kaitlyn and SHAWN but bring back season one bachelorette. I can't believe you guys are here, Trista and Ryan, everybody. Welcome. How great. Kaitlyn and SHAWN, it's got to be a wild couple of days. You guys doing all right. Yes. Yes. We're going off coffee right now. Yep. Welcome to our world. Trista, you guys were obviously you're the first bachelorette. Look at you now 12 years later, two kids later. Do you have any says for the latest bachelorette couple and how you make the love that you saw on TV last in pandora jewelry locations real life? Well, I'll say this, they are here so I'll talk to them but if you ever need to chat just give me a call. I think one of the big things that was good for us is just kind of getting cheap pandora away from the spotlight and getting home and really focusing on each other. I think that was pretty key for him taking me to Vail and really getting to the mountains and just living life with each other as a priority. Two young beautiful children. If they get to that point do they know how you met? They don't yet. Will they? They never will. Unfortunately, there's video evidence. I'm sure they'll find out someday. Unless they know what a television is, they will someday. How much more difficult do you think it is for this young couple with the social media aspect of the show? I mean, you took a lot of hits, I know, Kaitlyn, throughout the show. Can you imagine doing it again today? No. No. You know what, I think that there's a positive element too. We wereking to them earlier. I think you get there's people that accuse you and also people that support you and if you focus on that, that's good. So we'll play a little game. A newlywed game even though you are almost newlyweds. So we're going to be calling it couple confidential. We want to know how you know ow well you know your significant other. We already know the answers so we already know how you did. We want to see. Let's do it. First question, Kaitlyn and Trista, you can put up your first card. What is Ryan and SHAWN's guilty pleasure? All right. Flipping this way? Yes. There we go. Now we'll see how good you were. Let's see what your answer was, Ryan. Oh, look at that. Yay. That is an amazing start. Thousand this one is for the guys. So what is Kaitlyn or Trista's secret talent? Oh. Okay. Making breakfast sandwiches. All right. Trista, let's see. Is your secret talent being a legal analyst? It is. Oh. You must have had some. I make the best breakfast sandwiches. Ever. Now to the one for the galsome. Where did you go on your first real date after "The bachelorette"? This is easy for us. Not too easy for us. It's been 1 years. I was like I don't remember anything with two children. Show the cards. We went on a trip to steamboat, Colorado. Okay. Ow about you, Kaitlyn. About six hours ago. Yeah, the wren. Let's see if the boys got it right. Yay! You're good. I am 3 for 3 all of you guys.

You have a long life together? Both of you will win prizes. We pandora beads australia have we always have the best trophies, don't we? Oh, my. You guys now play "The newly W newlywed game" at home.

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