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    Pandora Captivating Gray Gray Black Murano Glass Bead official sale outlet

Pandora Captivating Gray Gray Black Murano Glass Bead official sale outlet

This captivating gray black Pandora Murano glass charm features "V" pattern around the bead. Each glass bead is hand made from the finest Murano glass using extreme heat making the glass bead unbreakable to every day wear. Because these are hand crafted, beads may vary slightly. Murano bead charm...

Send Jimmy Gomez to Congress In January, when Xavier Becerra stepped down from the Los Angeles congressional district he'd represented for more than two decades to become California's attorney general, two dozen pandora necklace pendants people stepped up to replace him.

The group running in the special election was extraordinarily diverse, if you ignore the fact that it was composed almost entirely of Democrats unsurprising for a district that backed Sen. Bernie Sanders for president in June. The vast majority of the candidates vying to represent California's 34th Congressional District, which stretches from Pico Union to Eagle Rock, were Latino, Asian or African American, and more than half were women. Also noteworthy: More than a few of the candidates were solidly qualified. Given the quality of the contenders, it was no surprise that two smart Democrats advanced from the April 4 special election to the runoff on June 6. But only one of them is up to the job of serving in Congress during this uniquely challenging time for California Democrats, and that is Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez (D Eagle Rock). Between Gomez and Ahn it's no contest. But his resume shows that Gomez doesn't just have establishment backing; he pandora bracelet cheap also has substance. A state legislator since 2012, he has a solid resume and progressive track record. Among other things, he pushed bills in Sacramento to expand paid family leave benefits, increase transparency in campaign donations and create a single payer healthcare system in California. Before running for office, he held a number of government related jobs, including serving as political director for the United Nurses Assns. of California and as an aide to then Rep. City Councilman Mike Feuer. Gomez was among the handful of candidates in the first round who stood out because they had the pandora charms silver right skills, clear policy platforms and significant experience. We were also impressed with his wonky understanding of the legislative process. Ultimately, however, we pandora necklace endorsed Maria Cabildo, a longtime community activist, affordable housing developer and former city planning commissioner. But Cabildo came in third in that race, after attorney Robert Lee Ahn. Between Gomez and Ahn it's no contest, though Ahn certainly has his virtues.

One of them is his experience on the city redistricting commission and later on the city Planning Commission. He's thoughtful and intelligent, and people who have worked with him say he's good at bringing opposing factions together. And having a Korean American in Congress at a moment when tensions are so high with North Korea could be a good thing.

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