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Queen Victoria and the White Wedding Dress Tradition Wedding is one of the most important events in every woman's life.

Every detail is well pandora silver charms sale planned and organized to make the special occasion perfect; from the decorations, to the wedding invitations, the wedding cake, the wedding favours, the wedding flowers, and especially the wedding dress. The tradition of wearing an elaborate, white, floor length gown originated in the Victorian Era. Prior to the rise in popularity of the white wedding dress, wedding gowns were often shorter and used bold colors like black and red. It was Queen Victoria pandora charms for children who popularized the style of gown that is now every woman's fairy tale. After she married Albert of Saxe Coburg in 1840, women sought to pay homage to the Queen by imitating the style of dress she had where can i get pandora charms chosen. While the modern white wedding gown is usually associated with a symbolic meaning like virginity, purity, or new beginnings, this was not Queen Victoria's intention when she had her wedding gown created. She wanted to incorporate into her gown a white lace that she was particularly fond of, and she decided that white was the most fashionable color choice. Whatever the origin of the tradition, white wedding dresses have been worn by women for centuries on this most special of days. By the early twentieth century, wedding gowns become more elaborate with beautiful embroidery and delicate lace to provide a timeless and classical look. Long trains and veils also pandora bracelets and charms on sale became popular. At that time, the more elaborate the gown, the more it reflected the wealth and status of the bride.

Nowadays, wedding gowns are no longer a measure of a woman's social status. Regardless of a bride's budget, there are beautiful gowns in all prices ranges so that every woman can feel beautiful on her wedding day. Wedding dress styles are constantly evolving, but many women still look to the white wedding gown that has been a staple of wedding tradition for so long.

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