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Pandora Silver Plating Screw Thread Epidemic Purple Murano Glass Bead clearance event

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Rivers of grog flow on in Alice Springs 22 ELIZABETH JACKSON: Hello I'm Elizabeth Jackson and this is a current affairs special.

Alice Springs is famous pandora jewelry bracelet around the world. But the town in the very middle of Australia has a darker pandora charms catalogue side. It has the nation's highest rate of alcohol related death. BASIL SCHILD: I was involved with a funeral for the fifth son, a mother was burying her son number five. All her sons she'd buried. All of them were alcohol related deaths. KATRINA BOLTON: A recent Menzies School of Health report found Indigenous people in Alice Springs are 31 times more likely than other Australians to die of alcohol related causes. Pastor Basil Schild say he's done more than 80 funerals for people who've died because of alcohol; in car crashes, john hardy jewelry being run over by road trains, murders and still births. BASIL SCHILD: In one year we had three members of the parish were murdered, three women, all of them by their partners who were drunk. KATRINA BOLTON: He says it's not just drinkers who are dying. BASIL SCHILD: The bodies of people who have travelled though this room include a 13 year old girl whose stepfather would come home and get drunk and touch her up she took her own life. A 26 year old young woman whose partner would come home and get drunk and smash her up she took her own life. KATRINA BOLTON: A landmark report on child sex abuse nearly four years ago described what it called "rivers of grog" in the Northern Territory and called for urgent action. The Territory Government has cut the availability of cask wine in Alice Springs and banned takeaway alcohol before 2pm moves it credits with reducing total alcohol sales and the murder rate. But behind blackened windows places like the Todd Tavern are still allowed to run bars where hundreds of people hit the grog from 10 in the morning. Inside it's packed. The Todd's liquor licence is valuable enough that it's held by six small companies. Alice Springs GP and alcohol campaigner Dr John Boffa thinks this type of bar targets alcoholics. JOHN BOFFA: The bar in the Todd Tavern which is well known throughout the community as the animal bar, is a bar that's only open from 10 o'clock in the morning till 2 o'clock. It closes as soon as the takeaway is open. KATRINA BOLTON: At the Todd Tavern people passing by in the morning can sometimes see drinkers queuing outside. But two other similar venues in Alice Springs are far more hidden. The Heavitree Tavern is behind a small supermarket on the outskirts of town. Its widows are tinted almost black. It's impossible to see how many people are inside. And at the Gap View Hotel at the foot of the town's famous mountain range the bar is completely unmarked. There is only a dirt track to the door. But inside it's licensed to serve close to 150 people. Like the other two bars the clientele is almost exclusively Indigenous. Most of the drinkers will tell you they're unemployed. The Gap View's bar is open over lunch but it doesn't serve food only grog. And like the other two bars it closes at 2pm, right when the takeaway bottle shops open. Dr John Boffa pandora with charms says while licensees are responsible for people while they're on site they have no legal responsibility for what happens after the drinkers go on to buy alcohol at the bottle shops. JOHN BOFFA: For me it's a very cynical exercise.

It seems as if the publican only wants to make space available for very heavy drinkers until they can sell them takeaway and basically get rid of them, get them off site. KATRINA BOLTON: Lawyer Russell Goldflam has spent 15 years dealing with the assaults, rapes and murders that sometimes follow. RUSSELL GOLDFLAM: The standard killing: the victim was very drunk, the person who did it was very drunk and the witnesses were all very drunk.

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