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Pandora Silver Plating Screw Thread Chap Silver Foil Blue Murano Glass Bead official onlin

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Rob Dyrdek Revolutionizes Skateboarding Video Gross gate border reality TV star the their best all around cool guy robbed that a crazy schedule but he wouldn't have any other way he has to reality shows on MTV his own pandora charms to buy online production company.

and yet he still heavily granddaughter pandora charm involved with the sport he got his start and that will be skateboarding. And he's here to tell us all about it rob welcome great to have you on the where to get pandora charms show and you friend since season two of ridiculous starts this week right Byrd as more familiar with the show tells little bit about it. Simply taking them most unexpected random things that happened to human beings that. Gets caught on camera and making and it doesn't necessarily have to escape way. No it's it's if it makes you laugh out loud or cringe a little that's would like to put on. And some really sticky situations dinner Well there's there's some pogo accidents where it would have been nice if if if it would have been lit a little bit more and his interface on the grounds upon those sounds and certainly some sticky situation. It tells a little bit about about the fat fantasy factory right that you got season five coming up from the. season five just finish this year we we're season five you know fancy factories. A television program around. All the businesses that Couples and ridiculous coming in big stunts and a lot of dangerous going to be suitable commercial were flipped the car. Grant program. But it's sort of you know wish fulfillment television show about the American dream and our house here if you ever get tired of the cameras following you around. Indeed I didn't. And hit and pandora like bracelets uniting Afghanistan is you know with ridiculous and it's going season theory. That's eleven seasons of television on It's a whole lives you know it's one of the things do land and doing small doses and you have time for skateboarding and between now and right you know I mean everything about the is still my passion you know from from building skate parks alone the country. To launching. The world's first true professional sports entertainment property around skateboarding called it's. Still very important. For me today to keep my footing and help continue to grow the sport and you're here in New York for the street league championship right. Press so what what we do to make it much more exciting is we had three events that qualified only eight guys to make it to one event which is basically a suitable skateboard games. 200000 dollar first prize a championship watch and ring and a and a Chevy sonic and it's. The biggest contest in the history of skateboarding and Prudential Center and and you in the format that I created. Basically acts like three periods game when they're accumulating points all the way to the end and every time it's one on the last incredibly exciting. The front are you practicing on skateboarders coming up these They're so gifted and it's it's people always wish you well panic even in my heyday I was never as good as these guys you know and in the truth business. This league is as set the bar so high and now they're pushing themselves even further. And were watching the sport be inundated right before our eyes live on television. And it stunts getting harder and harder for the point where there's only one people in the world are going to be able to do some of these things and. With down and that's sort of the view you have of skateboarding as a whole cycle limitless. Slam dunk contests you know where sensitive to the way we make up the obstacles in the nature of what's possible with a skateboard. It's virtually the progression is limitless by design so it'll be basically.

Forever getting innovative in getting harder and harder and more technical more technical year. A year well it is certainly exciting to watch and so exciting to have you here rocket I thank you so much for talking with us thank you friend. This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

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