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Restore the 4th amendment at the U citizen Lubana Adi detailed how Customs and Border Protection agents seized and searched her phone without a warrant when she returned from visiting family in Turkey.

"Does the 4th Amendment apply to Muslim citizens at LAX?" she asked. citizen at the border, where customs agents are as free to pore through hard drives as they are to scrutinize roller bags and backpacks. This so called border exception to the 4th Amendment has a long history. The very first Congress called for warrantless searches at the border to ensure the proper collection of duties; since then, the rationalization expanded to include the need to block contraband, such as illegal drugs and child pornography. With laptops and smartphones proliferating, though, border agents are using the exception to seek something other than smuggled goods or contraband they're looking for evidence that the device's owner is up to no good. Such searches multiplied in the flag pandora charm last two years of charm jewellery australia the Obama administration, rising from 4,700 in 2015 to almost 24,000 in 2016, the Associated Press reported. The Trump administration has multiplied pandora shops in sydney them again, with searches on pace to hit 60,000 this year.

Searches conducted without even a reasonable suspicion of unlawful activity aren't just inefficient; they're also an affront to Americans' constitutional right to privacy. Adi and her fellow citizens are having the sensitive personal information on their digital devices hoovered up by federal pandora store australia agents apparently because of where they traveled or their ethnicity, other times purportedly because of randomly applied scrutiny. Some even are having their devices searched before they leave.

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