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residents to Potential War With Iraq We came to St.

Charles because buy pandora jewelry of where it is and what it is. The Lewis and Clark expedition headed west up the Missouri from St. Charles, so it's a town with history and roots. It's also suburban; many people live here and work in St. Louis. And St. Charles people are very much a part of Missouri's show me' way of thinking, according to Mayor Patti York. Mayor PATTI YORK (St. Charles, Missouri): We are very conservative. We're not going to be the first ones that jump on anything. We let the East Coast try it, then the West Coast takes it up. If it works those two places, then maybe we'll talk about it and make it happen here. But usually we're not the first ones to jump on any idea. WERTHEIMER: The mayor told us people here are anxious about the economy and the war, but we also heard from this predominantly Republican area that most are prepared to trust the president on Iraq. Over and over we were told, He knows more than we do.' At a Rotary beads for pandora Club meeting, we heard that from accountant Nancy Matheny and Tony Schmidt, who's in the construction business. Mr. TONY SCHMIDT: I think there are quite a few people who were critical of the fact that there may have been information we were aware of prior to September 11th, and didn't react. And I think this might be the same situation. You've got a situation in Iraq. I think our government and our leaders know something or suspect something, and I think we're going to be proactive about it. Ms. NANCY MATHENY (Accountant): When President Bush is ready, when he has all the facts and he's ready, I believe he will do whatever needs to be done. WERTHEIMER: Several people we talked to said this war, if it comes, will be different from the Gulf War in 1991. That was on the other side of the world. Now September 11th has demonstrated that this kind of conflict can come here. The possibility that Iraq has chemical and biological weapons makes that even more frightening. Unidentified Woman 1: Can I help you?WERTHEIMER: Over coffee one morning, English Professor Teddy Norris(ph) told us she opposes all war, but she's torn. Professor TEDDY NORRIS: If we don't do something to stop this man, what are we going to be facing down the road? And I think that since September 11th, that has come home to us in a way that it was never quite real before. But now we have where can i buy pandora rings had to look that demon in the face. And so there are days when I feel incredibly torn, not entirely knowing which side of this I'm on. WERTHEIMER: We spent one afternoon at a ladies' tea at the Community Arts Center in the next door town, St. Peters. The ladies voted with their applause for the most fanciful hat. There was a lecture, cookies and cakes and, when we asked, concern that the world's problems have come very close to home. Shirley Valcamp(ph) wore a red hat to the where to buy pandora charms near me tea. Ms. SHIRLEY VALCAMP: I'm just afraid we're opening up a Pandora's box. Where are we going to stop? And now they're talking about Iran, there's Syria, I mean, you know, North Korea. Where are we going to stop with this? What makes us feel that we have the answer to all of the world's problems? WERTHEIMER: For many people here, of course, the possibility of war is very personal. They have family in the military. At the ladies' tea, we talked to Jackie Schwadmann(ph), whose daughter in law is an Army nurse based now in Kuwait. Ms. JACKIE SCHWADMANN: They call her Grandma over there because she's 54 years old, but she's the best daughter in law a person could have and I'm worried about her. She called me the other day from Kuwait, and it was wonderful to hear her voice. WERTHEIMER: Jackie Schwadmann told us she hates war. I've lived through so many,' she says. She trusts the president, but she regrets the way this conflict has changed her world. Ms. SCHWADMANN: I feel that my grandchildren will never be free like I was. We were free. We never worried about things. Now we must worry about everything. WERTHEIMER: Linda Wertheimer, NPR News, St. Charles County, Missouri.

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