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    Pandora Frosted Pink Murano Glass Bead sale discount

Pandora Frosted Pink Murano Glass Bead sale discount

Pandora frosted pink Murano glass bead - A pretty and chic Murano glass bead that looks?darling on any authentic Pandora bracelet.?Inset with a?Sleek Silver inlay its?one of the most beautiful in the entire collection. Order today and add for a subtle hint of beautiful colour.
Bead Size: 8...

Read the Transcript When he was in college, the thing that annoyed Brett Cohen the new pandora jewelry most was celebrity culture.

BRETT COHEN: There are so many people who are famous nowadays for doing absolutely nothing, just for living and driving cars and wearing clothes, showing up at events, walking the red carpet, putting out a sex tape. COHEN: And eventually that evolved into let's bargain pandora charms do that and walk through Times Square on a, you know a busy Friday night, and let's just see how many people actually will think I'm famous. Let me see if I could instantly manufacture fame. ROSIN: So a few days later, Brett goes onto Craigslist and finds a whole bunch of big guys who are willing to play his bodyguards. He gets a friend to play his assistant and a whole swarm of people to play the paparazzi. COHEN: Basically anyone who owned a camera with a flash was qualified to be a paparazzi. ROSIN: And then the day came. It was a very hot day, and Brett who's normally kind of schlubby (ph) in sweatpants and a T shirt he cleaned himself up. COHEN: I got a pair of really tight jeans. COHEN: An Italian button down shirt that I would absolutely never wear elsewhere. COHEN: My mom put a little bit of makeup on me. ROSIN: And then he and his entourage headed to midtown Manhattan. They slipped into the NBC building, headed right back out the revolving doors. COHEN: As though I just maybe got off of "Jimmy Fallon," maybe I was just a guest on the show. UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN 2: Can I just say that he's beautiful? COHEN: You know, not to say anything about those girls, but I definitely think I could have gotten any of their numbers or, you know, hung out with them. I'm not saying anything else would've happened, but, like, I think I definitely had a little bit more pull there than I normally would. ROSIN: And then a few hours into the night, something unexpected happened to Brett. pandora bracelet sizes It happened at a Walgreens in midtown. It was a humid day. And Brett and his crew needed some water, so they walked into the store. And they're waiting in line. COHEN: And two security guards came up to me. They said, sir, is everything OK? I said, yes. He said is there a problem? Like, what's going on? I said I'm just buying some water. What do you mean? And then he just pointed. And about 50 to 60 people followed me in and were taking pictures of me waiting in line. (SOUNDBITE OF CAMERA SNAPPING PHOTOS) ROSIN: And Brett says seeing all those people something cracked pandora rings on sale open inside him. COHEN: It was just really crazy. All these complete strangers were just completely fawning over me, and.

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