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    Winnie the Pooh Portrait Charm by Disney Pandora Charms sale discount

Winnie the Pooh Portrait Charm by Disney Pandora Charms sale discount

Admire Winnie the Pooh's adorable face in sterling silver on this charm from our PANDORA Jewelry Collection. You'll be drawn to his sweet smile like a bear to hunny.  

Q Making a positive difference in the lives of others For nearly two years, Don Evans has been the quiet force behind some of the most crucial and innovative programming for the city's poor and homeless at Our Place Society.

While his financial and communications backgrounds might anchor his everyday decision making as the executive director, he reveals there is a strong personal passion to learn and to continue the ministry of Our Place that really drives him as well as a few surprises. Q: How did you end up working in the non profit world? A: While going through some serious personal challenges, I began volunteering and then working on the front line at First United Mission in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. It was a time when female sex trade workers were going missing and people were dying on the street from drinking rice wine. The experience had a profound pandora gold necklace impact on my life. After returning to the corporate sector, and spending a number of years there, my sense of compassion and concern for social justice drew me back to the non profit world. I wanted pandora bracelet watch charm to try to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Q: What is the most important thing you have learned in your career, and why? A: I've learned that, when people are provided with the right opportunities and support, their lives can improve dramatically. At Our Place, I've seen people's lives transformed more than I could ever have imagined. Q: What's the greatest lesson you've learned from the people you work with? A: People who are homeless or living in poverty have no need to "hide behind a mask." They have nothing to lose. They have taught me that, by showing our true selves, the beauty within us shows through much more pandora jewlrey easily. In the wider community our fear and sense of pride often get in the way. Q: What's a surprising thing we don't know about you? A: In my younger days, I enjoyed extreme sports such as sky diving, race car driving and hang gliding. I also have a wonderful daughter and three grandchildren ages two to seven twho live in Alberta. Q: What do you want to accomplish over the next year? Five years? A: Within the next year, my focus is to further stores that sell pandora charms near me expand the hours of Our Place to better meet the needs of the Our Place family. Within the next five years, I would like to complete my degree in Diaconal Ministry and see that Our Place is open from early in the morning until late at night, seven days a week, with robust education, skills training, employment and health care programs. Our vision and our business plan is to increase donations and other financial support so we are fully utilizing the amazing facility on Pandora Avenue that many of our family members call "home." Q: What's your greatest regret? A: My mistakes have helped make me who I am today, so I don't have many regrets. I would have to say that my greatest regret is not spending enough time with my former partner. Q: What do you think is the most important issue in your field today? A: Having the most vulnerable people in our community suffering needlessly and dying on our streets. Q: How would you address that issue? A: As a community, we need to care for each other. Everyone needs to be provided with the basic necessities such as food, clothing, shelter and a sense of belonging. We also need to include proper supports (access to health care, education, skills development and employment). I am confident that by bringing together business and community leaders who understand the power of philanthropy to transform lives that Our Place will increase the depth and breadth of its family of supporters, and create lasting solutions that benefit our entire community. Q: What's your favourite book? A: The Bible has been the most influential book in my life.

I tend to read books that I can learn something from. A book I read recently, which I enjoyed was The Realm of Hungry Ghosts by Dr. Gabor Mat.

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