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    Pandora Silver and Champagne Zirconia Spacer Lights Charm 790226CCZ clearance event

Pandora Silver and Champagne Zirconia Spacer Lights Charm 790226CCZ clearance event

Light up your Pandora collection with the Pandora Silver and Champagne Zirconia Spacer Lights Charm. Crafted and hand finished, circles of sterling silver join together to create the breath taking charm. Inset with elegant champagne coloured zirconia, the design will illuminate your bracelet. Pan...

Reading the TV news is easy First Peter Sissons laid into the "autocuties.

" Now Sir Terry Wogan, rosy cheeked leprechaun of pandora website breakfast radio, has necklace for pandora beads added his voice to the clamour, writing off TV news reading as "the easiest job in media". Wogan, whose Radio 2 show attracts a reported eight million listeners (that would be 10 for every pound he's paid), launches a scathing attack on the profession in his forthcoming book, Where Was I?! The World According To Terry Wogan. "Get your good suit and tie on, a quick dab in make up (in Fiona Bruce's case, the lippy is going to take a tad longer), make yourself comfy and here comes the Six O'Clock News, all written nicely genuine pandora charms online and clearly before your very eyes. And before you start with the 'fair play old boy, there's more to it than that', I was a radio and TV newsreader, and there isn't." No doubt Wogan's colleagues at the Beeb will be thrilled with his comments. Of course, a less charitable soul than Pandora might suggest that Sir Tel's one time tradition of Eurovision, ahem, commentary isn't exactly brain surgery. Price wins society seal of approval Another feather, now, for Katie Price's riding hat. We hear that the glamour model, who's been on the receiving end of more than a little bad press in recent months, is to achieve that singular tweedy accolade a place in Country Life magazine's "Top 100". Bringing up the rear at No 100, Price is hailed by the traditionally toffee nosed bible (alongside the Queen at No 1) for her role as an "astute businesswoman" and "ambassador for equestrian sports". No mention, however, of her contribution to modelling. One for the Aussies to wine about Tory philosopher Roger Scruton returns with further provocation. He is soon to publish a book, I Drink Therefore I Am, on the philosophy of wine which, among other things, will take aim at Antipodean offerings (particularly its Shiraz). Over at Wine Australia, however, they're less than impressed. "Australian Shiraz captured the hearts of [the UK's] wine lovers over 20 years ago," comes the huffy response. "Aside from the amazing diversity, it produces award winning wines." Fiery Thatcher gets well shot of the BBC Six months after she lost her new pandora beads presenting slot on the BBC's The One Show for using the word "golliwog", Carol Thatcher appears chipper about her prospects. "I'm working with Channel Five a lot now," she told Pandora at yesterday's Tabasco British Oyster Opening Championships. "I've been on The Wright Stuff, which is great they are all proper journos there. "To be honest, I wouldn't want to work with people who don't want to work with me anyway, and the good thing about doing less for the BBC is that I can spend less time in England, which suits me fine." That takes the (chocolate) biscuit Can someone get these men some biscuits? It seems that, while gardening costs may be of no object to David Miliband (the Foreign Secretary claimed up to 180 every three months for his patch of green) staff catering is quite another matter. Pandora was strolling past Miliband's charming Primrose Hill residence the other day, when what should we hear but a loud groan emanating from the mouth of an armed guard. There were, it transpired, no chocolate biscuits present in the selection provided for his refreshment. Click the Adblock/Adblock Plus icon, which is to the right of your address bar.

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