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    Pandora Stripes Blue And Light Blue Murano Glass Bead discount sale

Pandora Stripes Blue And Light Blue Murano Glass Bead discount sale

Stripes, stripes and more stripes adorn this pretty Pandora Murano Glass Teal-Blue Stripes bead. This bead looks incredible surrounded by other Pandora beads and is great for pulling your whole collection together.

Silver And Murano glass.
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SECURITY COUNCIL HEARS 31 SPEAKERS IN OPEN MEETING ON CONFLICT IN DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO The Minister, one of 31 speakers to address the Council today, said those two countries were citing border insecurity as a pretext for their aggression, while the international community had made only "timid declarations" against violations of his country's territorial integrity.

He said the Council should consider the deployment of peacekeepers to secure the shared 2,000 kilometre borders with its eastern neighbours Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda.The representative of Burkina Faso, speaking on behalf of the Organization of African Unity pandora a charm (OAU), said non respect of borders in Africa would open a pandora's box and lead to limitless disputes, which was even more pertinent in the case of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, because of its very size and dissimilar populations. The border question could not be opened up without some tacit agreement among States to do so.The OAU had taken some praiseworthy steps, including the convening of a summit in December, at which it had enjoined the parties to the conflict to respect the sacrosanct principle of borders, he added. Unfortunately, the OAU's tireless search for peace had not borne fruit, and had left the impression that Africa remained complacent in dealing with the tragedy. The situation was highly complex, and one could easily understand why neither high level OAU meetings nor subregional efforts had resulted in a conclusive settlement.The Rwandan representative told the Council that his Government respected the territorial integrity and sovereignty of all nations. TheSecurity Council 1a Press Release 3987th Meeting (AM PM) 19 March 1999Democratic Republic of the Congo, however, should dismantle the dozen non State armies that were being used to conduct aggression against the territorial integrity of its neighbours. His country was resolved to join others in a coalition against the recurrence of genocide and terrorism in the Great Lakes region and elsewhere. Unfortunately, like the prior leadership of then Zaire, the Democratic Republic leadership embraced the evil forces of genocide, which had inevitably led to the current crisis.Uganda's representative said that the conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo had an internal and external dimension. The external dimension in the cases of Uganda and Rwanda had been prompted by activities hostile to those two countries emanating from the Congo. Originally, Uganda had a small number of forces in the Democratic Republic, invited by President Laurent Kabila, to flush out opposition forces. Then, when hostilities erupted in August, as a result of internal political problems, military assistance was provided by the Governments of Zimbabwe, Angola and Namibia, which intervened under the pretext that the Democratic Republic had been invaded by Uganda and Rwanda. Uganda had subsequently acted in self defence and deployed additional forces. His country had neither territorial ambition nor economic interests in the Democratic Republic, beyond the normal course of trade between countries.The representative of Zimbabwe then told the Council that the "security thesis" was an sale of pandora charms excuse for Uganda and Rwanda to dismember the polity of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in an endeavour to establish a "greater Rwanda". Uganda and Rwanda wanted to tear away by force the eastern parts of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In blatant violation of its national sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity, the invaders had been appointing government officials, creating artificial borders within the country's territory by issuing and demanding visas and smuggling commodities, such as timber, gold and diamonds.The invasion of the Democratic Republic of the Congo by Uganda pandora new zealand and Rwanda which had plunged the country into a devastating war was indeed the result of expansionist ambitions, the Namibian representative added. The sacred principles of the non violability of borders and State sovereignty had compelled his country, together with Angola and Zimbabwe, to intervene, at the expressed invitation of President Kabila and his legitimate Government. The sole purpose of their intervention was to prevent the collapse of the State machinery and the violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of a fellow member State of the Southern African Development Community (SADC).The representative of Germany, speaking on behalf of the European Union, said that the involvement of several countries in the conflict had not led to the intended stabilization, but rather to a dangerous escalation which now threatened regional stability as a whole. What was most important was thatSecurity Council 1b Press Release 3987th Meeting (AM PM) 19 March 1999all warring parties showed their unconditional willingness, through concrete steps, to speed up that peace process. He reiterated the Union's support for the principles of territorial integrity, sovereignty and security. were also made by the representatives of Canada, Gambia, Argentina, Brazil, France, United States, Gabon, Slovenia, Netherlands, Bahrain, Malaysia, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, China, Sudan, Japan, Zambia, Egypt, Libya, Kenya, South Africa, United Republic of Tanzania, Burundi, and Jamaica.Council Work ProgrammeThe Security Council met this morning in an open meeting to consider the where can i get pandora bracelets situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. His delegation had decided to request the discussion in order to draw the Council's attention to the danger of permitting internalization of the conflict in his country. Despite the efforts of his Government, negotiations had not been concluded and a ceasefire had not materialized. Those would have already succeeded if all of the parties involved had demonstrated good faith and honesty in negotiations. The stubborn presence of Rwanda and Uganda in his country had been the sole obstacle to peace.He said that the involvement of the international community would in no way thwart regional efforts. It was timely to call upon the international community to become more involved in the search for a lasting peaceful solution to the conflict. The United Nations should become aware of the determination and, indeed, the tremendous need of the Congolese nation for peace and both internal and external security. The international community should become involved in leading aggressors to engage to sincere negotiations. The solution to the current crisis required the convening of a regional conference of countries of the Great Lakes region, under the auspices of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) and the United Nations.Indeed, his country had demonstrated flexibility in the search for a peaceful solution to the crisis, he continued. Yet, the aggressors had not made similar concessions, as the Council was well aware. The international community would recall that it had to exert strong pressure on Uganda and Rwanda to obtain their admission of military involvement in Congolese territory. "Are we to stop at that level of pressure?" he asked. "Are we still to hear about the atrocities committed daily by those countries on the most vulnerable segments of the population?".President Laurent Kabila had concentrated on pacifying and stabilizing the Great Lakes region, he said. He had endeavoured to export peace, security and development. The regional conference had not taken into account the badfaith and ambitions of the current aggressors, who had hoped for the failure the of that conference.Unfortunately, in the case of Uganda and its ally, Rwanda, no effort had been made to reach out to the exiled opponents, he said. Further, no efforts had been made to integrate them into the structure of their respective societies. Rather, the language of weapons had been more expressive than dialogue, and insecurity had grown, both for nationals and foreigners. As a result, his country's eastern territories had suffered the deplorable consequences of war and occupation.

He said that, despite the complexity of the question and the horrors that had been committed by the regular armed forces of neighbouring countries, the international community, through the OAU and the United Nations, had only made some "timid declaration" concerning violations of territorial integrity. Meanwhile, the war atrocities in the field were countless and continued to exact a heavy price from the innocent population, thousands of whom had been assassinated. Many had even been beheaded, a practice that staggered the imagination.

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