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    Pandora Silver Four Leaf Clover Charm 790157 sales discount

Pandora Silver Four Leaf Clover Charm 790157 sales discount

The Pandora Silver Four Leaf Clover Charm is a lucky addition to any Pandora collection. Crafted from sterling silver, the clover's leaves are beautifully hand finished. According to tradition the elusive and coveted four leaf clover brings good luck with each leaf having its own meaning. The fir...

s revenue tools Lets stop pretending Premier Kathleen Wynne has any plan for Ontario other than grabbing as much of our cash as fast as she can.

Her latest effort to pick our pockets is High Occupancy Toll (HOT) lanes on highways weve already paid for with our taxes. Apparently, the High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes for the Pan Am Games, which have caused traffic chaos, were a pilot project to soften us up for highway tolls. Wynne says the money will go to Ontarios 10 year, $130 billion transportation infrastructure plan. For those keeping score, thats where she and her underlings have said the money from her up to $2 billion a year cap and trade plan will go. Ditto $4 pandora shops in sydney billion from her 60% sale of Hydro One. Ditto some of the cash from the $3.5 billion a year revenue stream she plans to create for her Ontario pension plan by imposing a 1.9% payroll tax on employers and employees who dont have private plans she deems pandora charm bracelet best prices adequate for their retirements. Never mind that its laughable Wynne is lecturing Ontarians about saving for retirement when shes spending our money as fast as she can rake it in. Transportation infrastructure has become her latest pandora charms family politically correct excuse for raiding our wallets. The real reason the Liberals need our money is theyre broke. Since coming to power in 2003, theyve increased Ontarios debt by 115%, from $138.8 billion to $298.9 billion. Theyve hiked Ontarios debt to GDP ratio from a healthy 27.5% to an alarming 39.8%. They spend more paying interest on debt $11.4 billion annually than on any other government functions save for health where can i purchase a pandora bracelet and education. Ontarios credit rating has been downgraded, which will make it more expensive for the province to borrow in future.

Finally, as a recent Fraser Institute report noted, since the 2008 recession, 66% of the debt the Liberals have piled up has gone to meet government operating expenses, as opposed to being invested in capital projects. In other words, the real reason the Liberals keep grabbing for our cash isnt to build more infrastructure. Its to pay for the cost of running their bloated government.

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