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Protecting Your Cellphone Screen From Shattering Video Out here doing a live edition of "Gma on the lookout" and this morning, we're looking at ways to protect something that most of us use all day every day, our cell phones.

Wow. I mean not all day. I do. All right. So in the last hour you may remember we dropped two iPhones in a Takata of water to see how well the waterproof cases worked and they both did and now gio taking us to new heights. Gio, what's the challenge? Supply think you all are afraid of heights. You're not joining me but we're going pandora uk delivery to take a look at a phone that claims to have the first Shatt shatterpr shatterproofscreen, the droid turbo 2 by motorola. The company says it's designed to survive those times when we pandora charms for cheap drop our phone by accident on the street there or the sidewalk. They say it won't shatter after a fall from five feet so we'll try it out right now. Motorola gave us these two phones to try it out. We've got motorola standing by right now to watch it happen so here we go. On the count of three, guys, we'll drop it from five feet. Three, two, one. Ah. Ouch. What do we got? It worked. It's still good. Adrienne from motorola right here smiling feeling good. Feeling optimistic. I never had a doubt. You're not coming down yet, are you? I'm not. Let's go higher, guys. Let's go up. We'll go up. Motorola does not guarantee this. It only says the screen is shatterproof for drops up to five feet. We're going to go up to ten feet now, so let's get the audience to put on those safety goggles just in case. Here we go. We're going to drop count with me. Three, two, one. Oh. Here we go. What do we got? We have a perfectly good phone, everybody. That's what we got. Wow! It works. How about that? Were you a little nervous. No, not at all. When you test it do you take it to greater heights? Sfwle we put it through a lot of extreme testing and there's five layers of pandora charms online shop screen technology in there that is guaranteed not to shatter. I'm going to tell you right now you need to get a phone like this. I've seen your phone. It's a mess. It truly is a mess. It's not actually glass. No. No. It's not. It's actually a flexible display. Like pandora charm bracelet gold a plexiglas. Well, it's Top secret technology but it's really truly flexible so Michael could fumble this and I never fumble.

Great job, gio. Thank you. You passed the test and now This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

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