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Portillo and Hague top MPs' rich list Michael Portillo and William Hague, once rivals for the Tory leadership, are competing to become the highest paid MP after it what jewelry stores sell pandora charms emerged that they are each earning more than 300,000 a year.

The latest edition of the Register of Members' Interests, published yesterday, shows that both men are earning up to five times their 55,000 salary as MPs through speaking engagements and television appearances. Only 24 hours after Oliver Letwin was forced to resign his 100,000 directorship at the merchant bankers N M Rothschild to concentrate on his duties as shadow chancellor, the register highlights the scope for senior politicians to supplement their Westminster earnings. Mr Portillo, who is standing down as MP for Kensington and Chelsea at the next election, has become a highly successful after dinner speaker, business adviser and television presenter since the 2001 election. He is a director of pandora jewelry shop BAE Systems Plc but does not detail how much he is paid. Instead, he provides a long list of speaking engagements booked through different agencies and how much each was worth. He earns up to 5,000 for speaking to groups ranging from Jersey investors to local government conferences and receives regular payments for newspaper articles. A significant part of his outside earnings comes from the BBC. It has paid him up to 65,000 for advice on political dramas, appearing on political chat shows and Newsnight Review and a six part series called Dinner with Portillo. Mr Hague lists an income of up to 135,000 from three companies that pay him for advice, including JCB Group. He records fewer speaking engagements than Mr Portillo but appears to be better paid for them. For most of them he received up to 10,000. His forays into broadcasting have also paid well: he received up to 10,000 for presenting BBC TV's Have I Got News for You and the same amount for his contribution to The Big Read. Mr Hague also expects to make money from his biography of William Pitt, due to be pandora on sale bracelets published next September. He does not list the value of his contract with HarperCollins, or what advance he received, but has set up a company to receive the income from the book's proceeds. Other MPs, such as Labour's Shaun Woodward and where to buy pandora bracelets near me Geoffrey Robinson are multi millionaires. Kenneth Clarke, the former chancellor, is believed to earn more than 300,000 from directorships but does not detail how much. Following Mr Letwin's resignation from City directorships, Labour MPs stepped up the pressure on senior Conservatives to follow suit. Ian McCartney, the Labour Party chairman, said that Mr Letwin had "opened up a Pandora's box" for the Tories. He called on Michael Howard, the Conservative leader, to force his frontbenchers to quit the directorships they held.

"For once the Tories should put the national interest before their own financial interest," he said. Mr Letwin said he was giving up his Rothschild post to concentrate on the next election. He denied there was a conflict of interest but said the fuss could affect his ability to perform his role of shadow chancellor.

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