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    Pandora Frosted Black And White Murano Glass Bead online sale

Pandora Frosted Black And White Murano Glass Bead online sale

Classy and fascinating, this bead will look beautiful in any one's Pandora collection. It's been beautiful crafted form the finest Murano glass and inset with a?sleek Silver inlay. It would make an unforgettable gift, or why not treat yourself to this little gem today.

Silver And Murano g...

Reviews mixed for Victoria's proposed injection sites Clare Lannan was one of the first to arrive at Victoria City Hall on Wednesday for an information session on a proposal to open three supervised drug consumption sites in the city.

"I'm 100 per cent in support of this. It hits pretty close to home," Lannan said. "I myself am not an addict, but a lot of my friends are. I have family members who are addicts. I support pretty much anything that's going to help address people's addictions, as well as the mental health issues and housing." Lannan said she felt sad when she saw derogatory comments about drug addicts on Facebook. "It's really depressing to me to see how many people just wish addicts would disappear. They don't care if they live or die." > Read our series, On the Front Lines of Fentanyl Island Health wants to pandora bracelets on sale open supervised consumption services on Pandora Avenue next to Our Place, on Bridge Street near the Rock Bay Landing shelter, and at 844 Johnson St., which has been converted to housing for former pandora jewelry online retailers residents of Victoria's tent city. The Johnson Street facility would be open only to residents of the building, but the others would be public. Island Health is required to get community feedback as part of its application to Health Canada to open supervised consumption services. Wednesday's town hall was the second such meeting. The move comes as the province deals with an unprecedented number of overdose deaths. In the first nine months of 2016, 137 people died from illicit drug overdoses on Vancouver Island, including 44 in Victoria. About 60 per cent of those deaths have been linked to the powerful opioid fentanyl. Lana Adair, manager of the Ocean Island Inn at Pandora Avenue and Blanshard Street, said she's concerned about having two supervised consumption sites within two blocks of each other, so close to the hostel. "I don't really know what will happen. I don't think anyone really does," she said. "I think it certainly will address newest pandora charms some of the problems we've been having in the downtown area. But I also think it will contribute to more problems." Adair said she has seen an increase in problems related to homelessness in the area over the past year. "Some of my guests are scared to get out of their vehicles," she said. "I'm concerned with the issues that are already happening that they're going to get worse, regardless of the supervised consumption site." Carole Small said she bought a condo on Pandora Avenue before pandora charms website Our Place was built in 2007. Our Place offers meals, housing and health services to poor, disadvantaged and homeless people in Greater Victoria. Small and Susan Kruzel, who also bought a condo, said they were frustrated at the idea of two supervised consumption sites in the neighbourhood. "We have already heard the locations were not negotiable, not up for discussion. It's a done deal," Small said. "If I'd had my say back in the day, I would have been opposed to Our Place. That's bad enough. "Now they've opened another place on Johnson. So it's just creating a ghetto." The facility should be somewhere where drug addicts have no contact with their dealers, Kruzel said. Dr. Richard Stanwick, Island Health's chief medical officer of health, was on hand answering questions. "Somebody asked: 'Why are you putting it there?' Because it's going to take some of the issues off the street," Stanwick said. "This is where these things are happening. We know from sites in Vancouver and across the world it can mitigate those issues." Since August, 30 people have overdosed at 844 Johnson St. Twenty three people were treated by paramedics and 11 were taken to the hospital. Ron Jessup, who lives next door, said he doesn't understand why Island Health would put two facilities so near each other. "I've seen the loitering. There's noise. I think the security is inadequate," Jessup said. Jane Butler McGregor, chief executive officer of the Victoria Conservatory of Music, is also concerned about security. The music school is next to Our Place and near the proposed Johnson and Pandora sites. "Quite honestly, we understand the need for the addicted population.

But you can appreciate as a school we also have a very significant concern that our neighbourhood is protected and safe," she said. "I'm here to talk to people about how much they are budgeting for security in and around the two or three block radius these sites will encompass.".

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