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'Screech' Returns I don't think I can handle being canceled again it's gonna go You always think everything's going to be great news.

Do we do we so people children. Little after the news. And I. Behind the scenes at the megahit sitcom of the night is the made for TV movie loosely based on depth and diamond's book behind the bell. And that is starting in the opera would parity the series based musically he is in the studio with us today dust thanks for being with us thanks for having congratulations on the success or talk about the musical and just a minute but first. You executive producer. Of this lifetime movie yes did they get it right. There's there's a element that's added Dan you know how field is rhetoric there so it's. Loosely. Real so what will for the big liberties that they took them that you think we're like a leader glare in the inaccurate or misconstrue. Out of if someone had asked me welcome I didn't catch it when it first and I was right in the wallet cats I've been there and want some when did you really drink vodka during her vehemently. Known public or call the did you really punch someone in line like what do they do what this thing I'm Make it to be a madman but you know it's. The show was so big and it was so popular that no matter what you do with it people see. Everything that they can when it so I think that this. That the fact the lifetime put this out there. And it was so talked about people watched it really excited about what were you upset that everything that you were of that kind of way. I've known and I think that you know everyone's gonna be. that's accurate her that is accurate it's hard to capture something from twenty years ago model again. So but that's based on. It's big give them that based gives liberty too it. So what about some of the co stars are rising have you heard any response from them know I'm just haven't talked a lot of them since I was sixteen threatening 21 years is pretty to not speak to someone a lot of growth happens during especially from sixteen to 37 cents a that's a one my friend right Ali you know when you get that be right but actually keep me updated. Let me know when and I remember the but I think that they'd be interviewed a lot of the cast members for that as well so there's a lot from that like the movie that was input from other people right. As well it it's not just for me. So alive I think I think it turned out well for a based on. Well it would guzzle it then let me ask you that did based on your book behind development which you which was written by rightly explain to me. The process of ghost right. Read over like a first draft pandora bracelets with charms on it for sale you can make changes and everything else I talked to a guy for just a couple hours. One time. And then suddenly got a finished product. And so I was why it when it wasn't supposed to be Lincoln. They were kids Think it's selling them another happened so it's so based on the book them with the results met the camera the book that any school layering. You know falsehoods that cloned and then there word. Complete fabrications that you know but what can you do point out hands. Oh gosh. Anything related with drug use and still alive but so we so fast and with with kids using drugs with kids using drugs. I think that was a big selling the kids using drugs who knows. And Clinton both is out on sale of the seventies people out on stage smoke and originally. In the league. It didn't you know that stuff that happened so it's you know if people are doing things in their dressing rooms you know you might. You know he might something in the air can be can be whatever who knows. So. Like there was there was a claim the book that I had been with so many people and that was one of the things I Twitter a lot of people it confused. How that came out was. I'm so so how popular was between the ladies guy well what you say it's like what. And money millions like them in your out of your is about so couple thousand like what a couple thousand. The but in the book. So what's it isn't there always seems I was like what are you doing to me so OK to succeed and you didn't wanna try to correct that month. It's hard to because it was a French Canadian publishing company that then mom has sense. Disbanded. They are gone. OK so you but is really no one because they don't answer the phone call so so what did you GC the final them before it was the them. I'm actress and her I don't know I saw I got cents a final what was going on shelves. And when I called them I mean you don't get any kind of you don't get any kind of looking at a time he talked to some on the phone was a hours. You're supposed to look at the book and then ran and then they just say. If you wanna go read it go to your local Barnes Noble they were they were references like descriptions of it kind of derogatory terms or made towards people in the book that I've never my life. So so had to gone back and do damage control for that's that's showbiz bodies in unison that when her. I take it as flattery is when you're on top when you reach a certain level there is. You get. You know torn down my people read the way it works people who love you don't go home web pages how much they love as much as people who don't like you. Do the same thing a little a lot of to talk to had the musical that excited because this you've got standing room only audiences. This show is so popular which goes in line with what I was just think when you reach a certain level if it. The is a household name in places where they don't even have TVs I've been to countries where you know like in Burma. People come up I'm a big fan and you don't have a deeply sorry you're the dvd player what do you do when you're live in the wild man. And yet everybody knows me. Sixteen times we 106 countries the show is on for. Ages I think I don't think the Max we have a 140 countries or someone to about how many there are that's a lot you know right rent and for. The sale of the to be need. Off Broadway and to have have such a magnitude of love be poured into it every single show. And people screaming in and then not just. For applause like us are happy to see me but the cast does an amazing job hobbling and Bob wrote the show. There's been there's a lot of freedom for the actors work and put in their own input. A lot of the actors. You know that you come across in your career you know varying levels of Bob good to great. Everybody on this is they do an amazing job of I mean the guy John Duff playing Slater's slide. Like fumble he becomes Slater I was there right around and I've I've talked Mario on Saturday you know there's another you out there you gotta see this. And to have me be a part of that cast and have the audience. Then get past his you know with and you get. Thirty seconds to a applause and then it's okay what are you gonna show us threat. And for them to be laughing consistently for the entire show is amazing and I feel so much love from Speaking of what you're gonna show us you came out with a sex tape what is that was that was today. That was space. So associate get a body double for that what was the Genesis behind. You're the true story yeah right must trollbeads have absolutely it's as easy as this. Everybody was on sex tapes at the time and everybody thought was ridiculous I mean you're curious some people check Pamela Anderson video I know when I was a now. Ma rye where is it. where everything everywhere is gonna but then dumb. But Johnny Knoxville Kong all all these people we're doing it than Paris Hilton had. came out. mom counts my body and he said. They the eight cents the like it was rumored that Paris Hilton had made somewhere around fourteen million in revenue from this. My said homeland fourteen million where's your anybody has it's gotta be worth at least a million and pandora with charms went. You know may be. And by called my lawyers say hey can you find a stunt double and we drove some contracts and put together and I just look at it like. and an opportunist moment that what what this thing and make reform alien I had to take a chance he did indeed did you make your four million it. What did you did did you did you make did you make money out quote but I mean it wasn't you know. He got it when the window of opportunity goes by you gotta jump through in the lottery you don't know and I I didn't feel. Dirty or bad because I knew I didn't really do anything right I have the original footage to this day it proves that it me because you know. I wanted to have absolutely no lemonade it that that a victory report by fourteen million on the Paris Hilton ranch you know to patriot I had my rebellious because I worked since I was threat and I've probably. Had head shots taken me when I was a fetus I mean I've been in the business and and having a steady job from eleven to 21 and doing 260 episodes the work. He gets hired as a kid and you you need I didn't get that's everything was leader pilot a decade for me. So rebellious teens went through in my twenties. As audit as evidence in the expansive career relative were not just money some home that late thirties and I've settled down like I'm. I'm wholesome and I thought ultimate views about the spread taken my wild stuff and you know announced show our www pandora net australia showbiz and the bottom line is I'm not.

A junkie I'm not I'm not a government I'd never I don't commit crime very bloody commitments if I don't not a drinker so I. I think I can have it pretty NCA I would after hearing that Dustin diamond of the musical quite as much for stopping by comes Joba absolutely thank you. This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

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