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Pandora Silver Plating Screw Thread Variegated Abstract Vortex White And Black Murano Glass Bead official online sale

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Saracens prop Richard Barrington's red card in 13 World Rugby has been warned that it may have opened Pandora's box in its effort to clamp down on high tackles.

Saracens prop Richard Barrington became the first player to be sent off in an incident that knocked out Exeter lock Geoff Parling since World Rugby introduced its new law regulations promising zero tolerance on contact with the head but just as significantly there were four other concussions, three of which appear to have been caused by low tackles. As Schalk Brits, the Saracens hooker, observed, the burden of risk may have been transferred from one group of players to another. "You are experimenting as a tackler," Brits said. "Where you are aiming now to tackle is knees and hips. Now it is maybe safer for the carrier it is a little bit less safe for the tackler." In a sense the Barrington red card, the sixth to be shown in the Aviva Premiership this season, is a sideshow as it would have been a sending off under the old laws; the only question was who it should have been shown to. Parling as the ball carrier was caught in the head by a high swinging arm of Brad Barritt. As Parling dipped further, Barrington again caught him in the head with a rising shoulder. It was a gruesome double impact which as Rob Baxter, the Exeter head coach, said "would have knocked out a heavyweight boxer." Mark McCall, the Saracens director of rugby, claimed Barrington should not have been sent off. "It wasn't a reckless challenge and it wasn't a dangerous challenge, it was just an accident," McCall said. "It's luck of the draw and you're going to end up with a crazy situation." That is disingenuous. If Barrington acted without reckless or malicious intent, the same could not be said of Barritt's swinging arm which caused the second impact. Barritt's reprieve is unlikely to last past the citing commissioner's report. The more troubling aspect of what was a titanic struggle between Saracens' 14 players versus Exeter's full complement was the spate of other concussions, caused not by high tackles but with tacklers going low and colliding with knees and hips. Saracens' centres Marcelo Bosch, Brad Barritt and Nick Tompkins all departed concussed; so too Exeter locks Parling and Ollie Atkins. There is absolutely no doubting that World Rugby acted with the best of intentions in demanding zero tolerance towards contact with the head. The problem pandora a charm comes in introducing measures halfway through a season which Brits says has demanded a whole new tackling technique for many players. "It is going to take a while for guys to adjust," Brits said. "When you are growing up, you try to tackle from hip and chest. I wasn't taught to tackle like the Argentinians, just leg chops. What makes it quite difficult now is when you just look at the middle of the body for a tackle, now you have to look if he dips because you can't make contact with the head. "We are in a testing period now to see how things. People don't understand the dynamics of the change where you try to normally knock a guy back if you hit him on the chest. Now if the guy goes low, even with an arm to wrap him up your arm may hit his face or make contact with the head and that is a penalty or maybe a yellow card. If you hit a guy in the head and nothing happens they don't look at it, if you knock him out it is a red card. It is tough. We just try to apply the rules the best way we can. We will have to change our tackling technique." The name pandora charms second issue is that changes in law regulations are normally trialled in particular leagues and competitions to ascertain whether there are any knock on effects. Instead it has been rolled out unilaterally, which Baxter believes could have profound and pernicious consequences. "It is indicative of quite a few law changes that are made and you wonder how many of them are genuinely red teamed," Baxter said.

"Did anybody stop to think this going to create a new emphasis halfway through the season on low tackles are we prepared for the possible outcomes? It has got great intentions but was it done with the right thought and will it create a scenario we don't want? For some players it is quite unnatural to make low tackles, you big 6ft 8in second rows who are used to bear hug type tackles it is a change up for them." Potentially catching the winds of discontent on social media, Brett cheap pandora charms Gosper, World Rugby's chief executive, tweeted: "Critical always to monitor/ measure possible unintended consequences which we pandora beads do." The match itself was a slugfest, Saracens earned a draw as Alex Lozowski superbly converted Titi Lamositele's pushover try after Exeter had engineered a 10 0 lead through Jack Nowell's outstanding one handed grab from Gareth Steenson's chip.

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