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Play Of One Of Her Dramatic 'OITNB' Scenes Video What happens when he's giving an inmate airplane models and younger when critical.

Political he takes want to come with the proper. It's not you know hundreds of sanity he couldn't pay each time assumption talks. English act compact and because. On the news. Prison drama unless you've been living under a rock you know. But that scene from the hit Netflix series orange is the new black that is just but everyone addicted and guess what today. We have one of the stars took a long ago here with us in the studio. Thank you for stopping by. I want to start off with a huge headline that came in from deadline dot com promoted to regular on orange is the new black congratulations. But we possibly. You've been virtually every episode and it really not this is not news to us. He says that news pandora bracelet offers legacy admitted. It means a lot to And really again. You know I think it's time and you what you you're rolling back that there if you elect me some faces submit some expressions lives because as you know it's. As an active for myself with so. Ninety cringe when he my excellent TV you know 'cause aren't phenom on the I community so he's got that he watched the scene what public what's going through your we will watch a pandora charm eligible torching a little bit longer I don't know I do think my god why did do that. Well look at me is that angry you know. Received a mystery science theater the new black version it. When you're playing this role though because it is so all of the other inmates I think you've probably prevented a lot of crime in this country by scaring back. She's had a tough upbringing. But I think that this is the time that he is living her life how she's won a ten minute before being outside and hand. And it's kind of ironic because she doesn't have the freedom to do so she's actually. Living with she's always wanted to you know love having some money. By many you know attracted You know it's pandora jewelry center at times it's contradicting but at the same time she's kind of you know enjoying his them if About it I think that that's a great point to bring up because. All of the characters have very deep story lines whenever they history was that brought them into into prison. It is different and it's fascinating to kind of know how it shapes their interaction among the others. Your story line that was unique in the sense that I think it brings a certain amount of sweetness. And a certain amount of softness and heart. And as you say. Being a romantic you know actors so. That's the kind of challenging to be able to play when you know you could still get your teeth bashed in the next day. Yeah well it's. It's them you know you kind of judge he wants it adds only you judging your own and down my finance times as sometimes. When you judge kind of enemy yourself such I don't understand why she's there she is a product or a how much is a pandora bracelet victim of her circumstance. So as as she can be she's also. A product of her mother or her childhood and you know obviously has affected her. And has placed in the same predicament as from others would think she can't pull away from mountain. But she's trying to candidates it's it's like that that struggle then then. Push you don't what she doesn't find the fate but at the same time she is if it you know in the. Would of the great things about the series is that it all gets released all at once it's like its second major entertainment merge do you sit down in binge watch lake all the rest of us just go and and and in. Hide yourself away for the weekend and get like seventeen pints of ice cream. And that I screens yeah. Pop corner Aaron truffle with your fair trial a couple of anything couple borrowed or anything has tropical all of you don't you talk to a lot of famous they say truck was overrated ultimately it's time I think exactly camera fake flattening out right there with back here. Welcome catch up truffles well anything to do it. Handy and to watch animal products and glad that adversity a couple in any naturally expect but on. I I haven't had the chance it. Being watched it. I am all for the viewers. You know being in control what they watch when and how. You know that's the beauty of me read that's what I love about being on Catholics and about this project that the viewer is in control. Of the of their viewing and you know I myself honestly second season I'm taking my time. We're having a but how well I just just watch the first episode and then this weekend. How watch one at a time like I was I think that this kind of addicting want to thank the personal and you can't So even you are surprised and hesitant when you what you read the script but then when you see visually so different it to its its whole different meeting it. Hickory only imagine but when you see it and it's created for you. You know the production how they just put it together it's it takes hold of pencils for me when I come across can actually this is so beautiful. The touch feel about the audition process because people know you from unforgettable NYC 22 but. Landing this role was no easy task. Now. At a time I had two jobs student. I had you know timing was against me I lived in Brooklyn. was in the city I was working overnight had to rush into the I don't know how it happened ten minutes. And probably would have wouldn't. Back out there about getting go to jail or they let that I got in your father as of yet. you know. Scrubs it was just everything went against but aligned. Itself to work with me via and I was able to this pursue it and didn't have any doubts when you first read the script on this thing that this is that this is gonna take off the kind of success that it happens. I didn't have I wasn't prepared and expecting this I was prepared moral blight perform mean. Achieving you know the goals of an act wanted to treat this whole lot lately but we do my best that's what my whole constitutional lines. That couldn't predict anything I think there's going to be hit and I wasn't ready for anything you know residents prepared in them. Now we checking that I'm talking out of school we are chatting before we started taping. You. Have a background in kept what that you liked chemistry and school which product if or katic chemistry. Millet and a plus not too bad. You what have your own perfume line yes I love perfume I love San Belgrade by the way they can't. Excellent and put a lot of OK are you getting back into a reckoning L are you here now we dropped it again and that's my that's me right I'm wearing dash that's all it is the TM get that went trademark pick and with Adam Sandler. Yes Sandler and at the man savage. left and so I love this it would atlas of cooking for Well right now season three yet I'm working on that and just working on my you know improving. And that's what I'm focused on some more opportunities come along. Well I'll be looking forward to season 34567.

Just keep the full seasons don't style and is it is it is a pleasure and I look forward of the perfume line as well as. Item and masculine one in Iowa will appreciate well a man I'll be close enough and a part of the new black thank you so much acclaim. This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

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