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Pope Francis Addresses United Nations Video This is an ABC news special report.

Hope France's C in America. Now reporting. George Stephanopoulos. Good morning we are continuing our live coverage of Pope Francis an American you're looking now at the United Nations General Assembly. Where the Pope is about to become the fourth Pope ever to address that body. He's just been introduced. By the Secretary General on human. This Pope France's. Thing Everest again they've. The US. The united. When he has. Whenever they must. Tiene un each young did act in these the end zone. This thing is that you can in NASA and its need us. I need. The keys CIA's phone yes mile Nancy. Went to him that well billion yen and the clothes that the only casually. Nations. He addressed this distinguished senate here nations. In my own name and that entire Catholic and unity I wish to express to you mr. Ban Ki Moon and my heartfelt gratitude. Some. I thank you for your kind words as well. I hold shall agree to. The heads of state and heads of government present in the as well as the ambassadors. And diplomats. He. And political and technical official us. Accompanying them and the personnel were of the United Nations. Engaged. He needs in this it. It in his seventieth session. Of the general assembly. The person now oh. Of the various programs. And agencies. The United Nations. And all of those who in one way or another. Tape part in this meeting. But it is it is through you I also create these citizens of all the nations. Have represented in this hall. pandora silver rings I thank you for your efforts. For each and every one of you and the service of mankind. This is the fifth time that a Pope has visited the United Nations. I follow in the footsteps of my predecessors. Paul the sixth in 1960. John Paul the second in 1979. And 99. You. He needs and my most recent predecessor. Now Pope America's Benedict the sixteenth. In 2008. All of them ex pressed that there are great esteem. Union. Four of the organization. Which that they considered would be the appropriate heretical and political response to this present moment the street. Mark to buy. Our technical ability to overcome distances and frontiers. And apparently. To overcome all natural limits to the exercise of power. One way. From use and essential response in this much as technological power in the hands. Of nasty and nationalistic. Line. Them or falsely universalist ideologies. That is capable of perpetrating. Game tremendous. Atrocities. No way I can mean only. Reinvigorate China. They the appreciation. Expressed by my predecessors. Man in re affirming. In the importance which the Catholic Church attaches. To this institution. Yet and the hope. If what she places in its activities. They feel yeah. Get from the we end. Since. The United Nations. In need is present please celebrating its. It is seventieth. Anniversary. Any idea and the history of this organized community of states is one of important common achievements over a period of unusual relief fast paced changes. And he goes without claiming to be exhaustive. We can mention these fortification. And development. Of international law. That the establishment. Of international Norman's. Regarding human rights and that advances. In ease humanitarian law. The resolution of numerous conflicts. Operations of peacekeeping and reconciliation. He and any number of other accomplishments in every area of international activity. And endeavor. Those all of these silver charms australia achievements. Slaughtered our own lights. Which help to dispel. The darkness. Of the disorder calls to. By unrestrained. Ambitions. And collective. Forms of selfish and yes. It's Fiat certainly. Many grave problems remain unknown to be resolved. Them yet it is clear that teach you without all of those interventions. On the international. Level. Now my mankind. Would not have been able to survive. The unchecked and you loose. It of its own possibilities. Every one of these sheet political movie juridical and technical advances. Is that path. Well towards attaining. DCI to yield of human fraternity. You kinda means or it's a greater realization. Mean no place for this reason and five pay army should. To all of those men and women whose loyalty he said he and you self sacrifice. Whom benefited humanity as a whole Indians past seventy years. And at a particular. He what I would recalled two days and of those who gave their July. That's four piece. And reconciliation. Among peoples. Dave. From god how Marshall to the many United Nations officials at every level. Like you who have been care loomed. In the course of humanitarian missions. And missions of peace and reconciliation. It Canadians. Do those in. The experience. Of the past seventy years beyond these achievements. Hasn't made it clear that reform and adaptation to the times is always necessary. In the purse shoot it of the ultimate goal. Of renting. All countries. With out exception. Would they share in room. You and a genuine. And equitable influence. On decision making processes. Eight and the new before them greater equity. His skin is especially true who in the case of those bodies not effective executive capability. Normally such as the Security Council. The financial. Agencies. And the groups or mechanisms. It specifically created. Plan to do you lose that with economic crises. This really held limit. Every kind of will be you school or usury. Especially where develop being the countries are concerned. The international. Financial agencies. Should care for their sustainable development which. Of countries. He and should ensure. That they are and all subjective too oppressive. And lending and system so. Which. And you know penis is enough in. I'm David when and if. International financial agencies should care for the sustainable development of countries and should ensure that they are not subjected. Subjected to oppressive and lending systems which. Far from promoting progress. Subject people to own mechanisms. Annie. Which generates greater poverty exclusion. And dependents. An hour. The work of the United Nations according to the principles. Set forth in the preamble. And the first articles. Of its founding charter. Can be seen as of the development and promotion and over the rule of law. Based on the realize station. That justice is an essential condition. For achieving the ideals of universal. Fraternity. And in this context. It is helpful. To recall that the limitation of power he is an idea. Implicit. In in the tongues sip of the mall itself. To give to each his own. He YouTube site that classic definition of the injustice. Being meanness. In baton only human individual or group. Can consider itself all absolute. Permission. To buy it passed that big nick TU. And their rights. Of other individuals. Or. Their social groupings. He effective the district. The effective distribution of power need political. And economic. Defense relate real technological. Etc. Among them a plurality of the subjects yet and the creation of a juridical system. Yet for regulating. Surnames. And centrists. Are we one concrete way of limiting power. Yeah that today's world. Presents us with and many. Want to falls right such. Yet that is and at the same time Brawley's. Sectors which are vulnerable. Victims of how or in the eyes. Badly exercise. It and him in for example the natural environment and the backstroke ranks of the excluded. These sectors are closely interconnected. And then made increasingly. Fran Giles by dominant. Political and could not make and relationships. Pleased that site is why there are rights. Must be forcefully. Affirm. By working to put a check to be environment. Yet and by putting an end to exclusion. I'm critical first. I kept it must be stated a defeat that the true writing of the environment does exist. Bill for two reasons. He may first because we human beings are part of the environment. You mean we live in communion with it. Change the environment get shelved in tales ethical limits. Which human activity must acknowledge and respect. The only man known for all his remarkable. Gift Sydney. Gym we which are signs of a uniqueness which transcends the skiers. Of physics and bylaws should biology. Is at the same time a part of these skiers. He and he possesses some bodies shaped by physical. Chemical and biological elements. And can only survive. And hello. He has if he ecological environment. Is favorable. But in any harm done to the environment therefore it is harm and gone to humanity. Second because every creature. They are particularly young living creature you pass an intrinsic value. Eight in its existence its life that is if you GE and its interdependence. With other creatures. We Christians long. Together world with the other monotheistic. Religions pity him believe that the universe. Is the fruit. Of a loving decision by the creator. It then pulled permits men respect for lead to you lose creation. I for the good of his fellow men. And political Rory of the creator. Leave. Been all religions. I had well in all religions. It and the environment. It is a fundamental. Hood. Seattle's do you miss you news and destruction. Of the environment. Are also accompanied. By a when he ran when bliss. You know process. Of exclusion. If they in effect. When they shelled fish and boundless thirst for power and material prosperity. It may be some bottles to the misuse of available natural resources. Gold line and to the exclusion. Of the week and disadvantage. Either because they are differently. A balloon. It. Handicapped. All oral because they lack adequate information. Means and and technical expert tees. We'll put or are incapable. Of decisive. Hume political action. In Dayton and it was yearning on on economic. And social exclusion is come we deny guilt. Data of human fraternity. You and a grave off us against human rights. Yen and the environment. My book poorest. There are those who suffer most. From such offenses put on duty for three serious reasons so they are cast off by society. Four shall. Only two now live Natalee off. What is discarded. He and suffer organ justly so from. To give you motion of the environment. Eight Vietnam well they are parked. After days of widespread. Needed and game means quietly growing. 12. Culture of a waste. Of them that you dramatic reality of this whole situation of exclusion and inequality. With its evident effects. Has led to me in union with the entire Christian people's and many others. To take stock. Of in my grave responsibility. In this regard. And to speak out. Together with all blows. Laura seeking. Urgently needed. And effective solutions. The adoption of the 2030. Agenda or sustainable development. Out the world summit. Which opens to day. He's is an important. Signing. Of hope. Oh I am similarly confident. That the Paris conference. On climatic change. Will secure fun da men fool. And effective agreements. Union. The Oakland solemn commitments however. Are not enough. Even though. The are eighties necessary. Step towards. Solution which. The classic definition of justice. Yet which shut. I mentioned earlier. Contains ads is one of its essential elements. A constant and Brooke actual. We. You'd eat your state Shia based on stands. It hit it better be global and tell us you lose whom. We can breed war and he. They moon our world demands of all government leaders. We will look which is you. Effective. Practical. And constant. Kong Crete step she. And immediate measures. For preserving. pandora charm bracelets for women And improving. The new natural environment. He and thoughts putting an end as quickly as possible to the phenomenon of social and economic exclusion. With it's a painful consequences. Human trafficking. On the and marketing of human organs and two shoes. It's a sexual exploitation. Of boys and girls. Slave labor he including prostitution. The drug and weapons prayed. There terrorism. And international organized crime. It's such. Is the magnitude this. It sought show. Is the magnitude. Of these situations. Yet another hole in an innocent lives here that we. Game a must avoid. Every temptation. To fall. In true loans a declaration missed nominally ism any. When it wish would assuage. Our consciences. The we need to ensure a unit that our institutions. They are truly effective. In this struggle. In against all of these schools are issues. Hamlet he beat the number. And complexity. Of the problems. He required pandora jewelry rings that we possess technical instruments a verification. It button this involves. Four oh true risks. Now we cannot rest content which with the bureaucratic exercise. Of drawing up that long lists of it would put on proposals. Mean goals objectives and statistical indicator is all war. We can thing that a single theoretical and a primary state solution. That. That will provide an Allen served to all of the challenges. Night if that must never be forgotten and that means. He's political. And economic activity. So is only effective. When it is under still a good poem as a prudential. Activity. Yet guided by a perennial concept of justice. And Hong steadily conscious. Of the fact. He got. He above and beyond our plans and programs. We are dealing with the real men and women who run game. Struggle. And suffer in. He and are often forced him to live. The great. Need poverty. Be deprived of all rights. Enacted to enable these are real men and women. Who asked Kate apple from extreme poverty. If we must allow them to be dignified age versions. Of their own destiny. It oh my didn't admiral human development. And the full exercise. Of human dignity. No cannot be imposed. They must beat and built up. And a lone true unfold for each individual. For every family and in communion with others. You and in no right relationship. With all those areas. In which human social life. Develops. I'm friends go no nineties. How homes and cities schools. And businesses. And unions. Provinces and nations. If this presupposes and requires the right to education. Then you also for Burroughs. Excluded in certain places. Yeah. Today which is insured first and foremost in my expediting and reinforcing. The primary running. Have been nine years of the family that. To educate its children as well as the right of churches and social groups. Drew support. And assist families. In the education. Of their children. Education. Conceived in this way is the bases for the implementation. Of the 2030. An agenda. Eat and for reclaiming the environment. At this. I mean at the same time. 00 and government leaders. Must do everything possible. To ensure that all can have. The minimum spiritual. And then material and means they needed to live in dignity. And to create and support a family. Which is the primaries so of any social development. In practical terms this absolute minimum. Has she. Three name which. It lodging Abu labor and glass and you and I don't know and one movie spiritual name. You that spiritual freedom kinkle which in proves religious freedom. It goes right to education. And other civil right each. For all of its. That made the best measure and indicator. Latin. Of the implementation. Of that new agenda. For development. We'll be effective. Yield. Practical. And immediate access on the part of ball two essential material and spiritual good such. The housing. Dignify. And properly remove related employment. Eileen adequate flow moved. Yen while drinking water. You and religious freedom. He and more generally spiritual freedom. And education. Monkey amble. These pillars of integral and human development. He would have a common foundation. It's been in which is the right to life and more generally. What we were called in the right to existence. Open human nature itself. That Katie the ecological crisis. One and Peru large scale Lou the destruction. Of the bio diversity. Slipped one cannot threaten. Their very existence. Of the human species. That have been painful consequences. View of an irresponsible. And mission and management of the global economy. Yet guided only by ambition for a wealth and power. David Moss serve as a shamans. To reform right. Reflection on man. You know man is not only of freedom. He which he create support shell. You know man who does not create himself if he is spirit and real but also own nature. It is creations and it is compromised. And they Wear a little wean ourselves. Have the final word. And then there was an excuse of creation. On the begins. When are we no longer recognizes and any incidents way above our San which. You know when were you seeing. And nothing else but ourselves. What is so consequently the defense of the environment. And the fight against exclusion. Well one which includes that natural differences between man whom. And the woman he has an absolute respect for life in in all its stages he and dimensions. Without the richter commission. He meant it without the recognition. News of certain eating contest of a natural ethical limits. And without the U immune immediate implementation. Fees those killers if instrumental human development. Yeah I deal savings succeeding generation wounds. From the scourge of war. The animal promoting social progress. You've got much better standards of life in larger freedom. He. Quote risks become India and unattainable wounded in the illusion. Well bill it or even worse. And he idle chatter if you which serves as a cover for all kinds of abuse. And a rupture or for carrying out an ideological. Colonize station that. By the imposition. Of anomalous. Models. And lifestyle is known where cash. All right alien to people's I lived entity. You know and in the end. You know. You know you're responsible. They. It and yes you know war is really location up all rights. You kind of drama and not take assault. On the environment. He think he is if we want the rule interbrew human development which for all. Stating we must do work. Tirelessly. On that too many oh before you do that more of between nations. And between peoples. Julius and. To this and ruled. There is a need to ensure the uncontested. Rule of law and entirely sure re chorus. Two negotiation. Or mediation. And arbitration. As proposed by their charter of the United Nations. Which constitutes truly a fundamental juridical norm. The experience of these seventy years since the founding of the United Nations. In general. And in particular the experience of these first fifteen years. Of the third millennium. Wayne reveal both the effectiveness. Of the full application. Of international. Norms. And that the ineffectiveness. Gains of their lack of enforcement. Or in need that charter of the United Nations is respected and apply. With transparency. And sincerity. And without ulterior motives on wall as an obligatory. Reference point of justice Sheen and not as a means. Of Max king and spurious and tensions. Again peaceful results will be obtained. Plan. Run and win on the other hand the norm is considered simply as an instrument. To be used. Whenever it proves favorable view and to be avoided do when it is not. A true who pandora's box is open and let us re leasing uncontrollable forces here. Which gravely harm. Defenseless. Population which that cultural immune immune. And even the biological environment. Via the preamble. And the first article of the charter of the United Nations. You set forth the foundations. Of the international juridical framework. Peaks. That the Pacific solution of to spew ash. Anger development of friendly relations. Between the nation's. I strongly opposed. To such statements. And and products denying them. That is the constant. Tendency. To the proliferation. Of our church. Especially. And weapons of mass destruction. Such as nuclear weapons. When an ethics. And the law. Based on this the writ of mutual destruction. And possibly. The destruction of all mankind and so are self contradictory. And legion. And up front. To the entire frame more of the United Nations.

He would rush would end up. As nations united by fear and distrust. I campaign the.

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