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Pandora Gold Plating Screw Thread Vortex Dark Blue Murano Glass Bead official sale online

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Robert and Courtney Novogratz Give a Modern Flair to Vintage Looks Video so happy.

It's time for "improve this." They have parlayed their unique mix of vintage finds and modern flare for pandora bracelet necklace a modern look. They've written a book on how to achieve it, in "home by novogratz." I wanted to pandora charms family meet you for so long. I know. We have the same passion. We sure do. I want to start with a beautiful wall. I don't think our viewers would guess if you want to create warmth in a room and texture, you can use flooring. Final flooring. It's vinyl wood flooring. Very inexpensive. And a good thing about this is, you don't need tools. You just need scissors. You peel it off. You stick it on the wall. It brings warmth if you put it on the wall. Wrap it around like a soffette. And you save pennies on the dollar. A few hundred dollar for a whole wall. This looks like a fabulous vintage frame. You say, no. Go to your home improvement store and buy this is crown molding, believe it or not. And this is a foam crown molding. So inexpensive. And our daughter painted this pink. We cut it at 45 degree angle. And we have a frame. And putting something in the middle. Not necessarily filling the interior. Come over here. A bed. This is our bed pandora bracelet jewelry we designed. And these are decals. These are decals. You get an iron and transfer paper. Birds. You can pick bugs, which my boys love. And you iron them on. And it makes something unique. It's one of a kind. And you don't need a fancy pillowcase. A couple more. This one really spoke to my heart. If you're a parent, you have lots of kids' art around. What do you do with it? You feel guilty if you throw it out. We love to use kids' art or family photographs behind us. You start with original artwork. You scan it. Then, you're going to print it on fabric. Is that hard to do? It's not hard. You can create the collage, which you've seen here. Lay out the art like you want it. And you're going to print it on the fabric. And wrap it around the lamp shade. And you have a custom lamp shade. Or turn it into wallpaper. A great photograph from a vacation. Or our children or their artwork. You can think out of the box and put it on the wall. Tell me about this. I know this is your favorite of all the ideas. How does one go about doing this? These are pictures of our kids. There's a place to pandora like bracelets get it made. There's places online. If our viewers want to do this, they make their own collage. And you go online. What do you look up? I would look up photos. Printing photo wallpaper. And most people have their photographs, now, digitally. If they have it on a file already, they can just put it in, arrange it in a collage, how they want it. Or one oversight on a graft, and it captured the moment. And you don't feel guilty if you get rid of photographs. What great ideas.

You can see robert and courtney's show on hgtv. We'll be right back. This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

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