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    Pandora Silver Flower Safety Chain 790385 clearance event

Pandora Silver Flower Safety Chain 790385 clearance event

The Pandora Silver Flower Safety Chain is a must have addition to keep your treasured Pandora bracelet safe at all times. Not only will it keep your Pandora bracelet safe, its also a wonderfully designed bead that's beautiful and intricate in its own right. Add to your Pandora collection today fo...

Pandora Users Listened To 13 Billion Hours Of Music In 2012 Here we are over halfway through January already.

Hard to believe. Pandora is still celebrating the New Year, however. In a blog post, pandora bracelet store the company released a few stats about its users. For one, users listened to over a million different songs by jewelry pandora over 100,000 different artists during the year. For two, over 10,000 artists had over 250,000 unique listeners. "When we created the Music Genome Project thirteen years ago, we had a dual charms for pandora purpose: connect people with music they love and help talented artists find their audiences," writes founder Tim Westergren. "We knew if we could get the first part discount charms for pandora bracelets right, the second would naturally follow." "Well, it looks like that second part is actually beginning to happen," he adds. "The Pandora audience is large enough now to begin making a real difference in the lives of thousands of working artists." Users listened to over 13 billion hours of music in 2012, and created over 1.6 billion stations.

Not bad numbers considering the success of rivals like Spotify. Pandora might be getting even more competition soon, however. Apple is expected to launch a similar offering this year.

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