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    Pandora Silver and 14ct Gold Stiletto Dangle Charm 790349 sales discount

Pandora Silver and 14ct Gold Stiletto Dangle Charm 790349 sales discount

The Pandora Silver and 14ct Gold Stiletto Dangle Charm is the ideal charm for all high heel loving ladies. The ribbed bead is delightfully crafted from sterling silver complete with silver bail from which the beautiful shoe hangs. Exquisitely detailed, the 14ct gold stiletto shoe dangles from the...

Pandora Turns 10 Pandora is celebrating a big birthday this month, and it's handing out a small gift to its users.

On September 9th, Pandora will turn 10. It's declared the day "Listener Love Day" and with that comes 24 hours of ad free streaming for everyone pandora charms online cheap no matter what you pay for the service. "We promise to keep this short, but it's hard since each and every one of you has played a huge role in making Pandora the most streamed music platform jewelry bracelets pandora in the world. Together, you have listened to 74 billion hours of music, thumbed up or down over 55 billion times and created 8 billion stations. Those are a lot of big numbers, but it boils down to one simple thing when Pandora was created 10 years ago, gold and silver pandora bracelet we had one latest pandora bracelet goal to play the best music for each listener. That has not changed, it will not change, and we thank you for spending the past 10 years with us here's to decades more!" says the company in a blog post. Pandora has been exploring a few different options concerning ads and streaming. Of course, the company offers a "Pandora One" subscription (which it hiked the price on last year) that gives users ad free listening. The company is experimenting with day passes for those who don't want to pay for an entire subscription.

And last month, it rolled out Sponsored Listening, which offers users a deal: one ad free hour of music, uninterrupted, if they just pay special attention to one (longer) ad first. If you're a Pandora free user, make sure to load up the app on September 9th. I'm sure Pandora's hoping you'll see how awesome it is without ads, and think about a subscription.

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