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Rory Kinnear on writing his first play It would be easy to be jealous of Rory Kinnear if he weren't such a thoroughly decent, intelligent, self deprecating sort.

pandora charms order online A terrific actor who won the Evening Standard Theatre Award for his Hamlet at the National and Angelo at the Almeida in 2010, his career has been a "fairly orderly progression" through the pandora beads discount classical roles and into Bond films and big TV work such as Southcliffe and the forthcoming ITV biopic of Lord Lucan. Now 35 and clearly besotted with his actress partner Pandora Colin and their son Riley, two, he has written his first stage play, The Herd, and it is being staged at the Bush by no less a director than Howard Davies. Just like that. Of course, no one's life is entirely enviable. When he was 10, Rory lost his father, the much loved actor Roy Kinnear, to a freak on set riding accident, which means he's had to put up with both fatuous comparisons and nosy questions from people such as me throughout his career. Another stroke of misfortune inspired The Herd's story of a family uniting for a severely disabled boy's 21st birthday. "My eldest sister, Karina, is also very seriously disabled," Kinnear says. "She had a lack of oxygen at birth so she suffered severe brain damage and has a poor pulmonary system, so chest infections can get quite serious quite quickly." Karina has a mental age of "one, or one and a half, and she can't speak, but in terms of spirit she is a 41 year old woman who has been through an awful lot". Having fought off several life threatening crises, she now lives in the specialist residential home in southwest London founded by her mother, actress Carmel Cryan, and named after her father. Rory and his older sister, Kirsty, a casting agent, have spent their entire lives and their mother most of her married life and widowhood as part of the largely unseen fellowship of those coping with the practical and emotional impact of a loved one who needs constant care. "It is an area of drama that was unexplored, largely because the severely disabled often cannot speak," Kinnear says. "I wanted to give the issue a voice." Although it was the subject matter that impelled him to put finger to keyboard, Kinnear says he always wanted to write. And I wrote little comic bits at secondary school and at university. But pandora charms sale I hadn't really approached a full play." Adamant that he "didn't want to write my own family's experience", and eternally curious as to how much Karina understands about her life and bond with her mother and siblings, he experimented with various forms, including an interior monologue by a disabled character, before settling on the dynamic of a family gathered in one room for a party. It was important, he realised, to put the disabled character in context. "Without being overtly political about it, if people with severe disabilities are calculated in societal terms purely as a monetised unit, in terms of how much they cost in terms of care, you lose an important sense of who they are and the effect they have," he says. "To show the person's intrinsic importance to a family, and actually how committed it makes them and how strongly it brings people together in some respects, it makes it easier for people without disability in their families to understand. In life you are only really important, and only really do anything, for five or six people." During a hiatus from a play at the National Burnt by the Sun, directed by Howard Davies Pandora told him to stop just talking about his putative script and packed him off alone to a cottage in the Lake District to write it. "In two and a bit weeks I wrote a first draft," he says. "I was determined not to come back with something that was unfinished." He got some friends around to read it, showed it to his mother ("who was chiefly concerned that I got the medical stuff right, though she found it very moving to read the first time") and Kirsty ("who talked about character decisions"). Then, taking his courage in both hands, he showed it to Davies, expecting the director's habitual brutal honesty, and received encouragement instead. Another hiatus: "I did another draft, then Hamlet was starting, and our son was born, and you are in the maelstrom for a while, so I sort of forgot about it." He and Pandora moved from Borough to a family home in Kennington, too. The Bush Theatre, in Shepherd's Bush, liked the script of The Herd and offered a slot this month. When Kinnear finally asked him, Davies agreed to direct. "Which was," says Kinnear, "the single most satisfying professional moment of my life." Really? Better than Hamlet? "Oh, yeah," says Kinnear. "Yeah, yeah, yeah." He's been present in rehearsals when possible, taking a professional pleasure in seeing his fellow actors take control of and flesh out characters he has written. For most people this would be enough but Kinnear is also juggling two acting jobs, as Lord Lucan for ITV and as Iago opposite Adrian Lester's Othello at the National. Or as he puts it: "Playing a misogynist, possibly wife murdering aristocrat during the day, and a misogynist, wife murdering, working class person in the evening." Fortunately, he's not one of those actors who takes his characters home with him: "Everyone at home is still alive." He puts his increasing profile on television and film down to a growing confidence in front of the camera, though he was completely thrown by the suggestion that he might be the new Doctor Who. His first love, theatre, retains certain advantages: "If you're working in theatre, you have all your days to spend with your children." Has the birth of his son made him feel differently about the loss of his father? "If you lose a parent, no matter at what age, every five or 10 years you have a different way of missing them, and a different way of getting on with your life," he says. "Weirdly I have not found it as emotional in terms of that loss since my son was born. Probably because he is a new person. But I did watch the Lion King with Riley last week, and that is not something I recommend if you do lose your father as a young boy." His sister Kirsty recently gave birth to her second child so his mother Carmel is relishing being thrice a grandmother. Underscoring our conversation about family is the sense of Karina as a vital part of the Kinnear clan. "She has an incredible sense of fun," Kinnear says. "She can be in intensive care, and you come into a room, and she will hear your voice and start laughing. Click the Adblock/Adblock Plus icon, which is to the right of your address bar.

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